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Need a guide for Bloons Tower Defense? Go to User:Zelda311/Bloons Tower Defense Guides

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Zelda311 – Stronger than a Biggoron's Sword, wiser than a hundred year old zora, I am Zelda311.
Hello and welcome to my userpage! I'm the top dog around here, hence I am the sysops. I wish to make this wikia a very successful one, so I will also need your help.

Favorite Bloon games Edit

Bloons Tower Defense 4
Second Favorite:
Third Favorite:
Bloons Tower Defense 2
Least Favorite:
Bloons Junior

guidelines and rules. (Even though I hate rules!) Edit

  • Each page should be written in a neutral point of view, no matter how constipated or exciting it is.
  • Each page should be written in the third person, not the second. (The second person is saying something like: You ran across the field. The third person is saying something like: Bob ran across the field.
  • Never make an image bigger than it actually is. Even if it's only 1x2 pixels.
  • Always cite your works if you have a source. If you don't just don't add any sources, but if you do add a header at the bottom that says 'Sources'. Then below it, write (er, type) in your sources with the {{Reflist}} Template.

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