aka Blue Sun God

  • I live in Pacific Ocean of HSW. I sometimes come to the surface to eat people in HSW, kill bloons in Bloon of Clubs, or walk to Monkey Lane to smash MOABs, or go into Minecraft and annihilate zombies, etc.
  • My occupation is Ruling SFH3 Hacked like a king, annihilating bloons in BTD5, devouring people in Hungry Shark World, and quickscoping green pigs in Angry Birds
  • I am Blue Sun God

Welcome, visitor, to my user page.

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My favourite Bloons TD tower is: Temple of the Vengeful Monkey
  • The highest Round I've reached is: 192
  • Between Bloons and Bloons TD, I mostly play: BTD5 Mobile and BMC Mobile, as well as BTDB Mobile (I never play anything else in the Bloons series).

Templevengeful This user loves the Temple of the Vengeful Monkey. It is his favorite!
ToTMG This user loves the Temple of the Monkey God. It is his favorite!
Super Monkey Icon This user loves the Super Monkey. It is his favorite!
MOAB Assassin This user loves the MOAB Assassin. It is his favorite!
Bloon impact bmc This user loves the Bloon Impact. It is his favorite!
First Strike Capability BMC This user loves the First Strike Capability. It is his favorite!
Wizard Lord Icon This user likes the Wizard Lord (Tower).
Monkey Sub Icon This user loves the Monkey Sub. It is his favorite!
Techno terror This user loves the Technological Terror. It is his favorite!
Apache Dartship This user loves the Apache Dartship. It is his favorite!
BMC Bloon Trap This user loves the Bloon Trap. It is his favorite!
Legendary Monkey Engineer This user loves the Overclock. It is his favorite!
BMC Turbo Charge This user loves the Turbo Charge. It is his favorite!
BMC Glaive Lord This user loves the Glaive Lord. It is his favorite!
Support Chinook BTD5 mobile This user loves the Support Chinook. It is his favorite!
Highenergybeacon This user loves the High Energy Beacon. It is his favorite!
Rank 1-5 Icon This user is Rank 70 (or something like that) in
Bloons TD 5 Mobile.
Super Monkey Lair icon This user is a proud owner of Super Monkey Lair in Bloons TD 5 iOS.
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