aka Katarina

  • I live in Colorado
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My favourite Bloons TD tower is: Super Monkey tied with the village, because it can grant camo on btd5, 2nd is the bloonchipper! which can take a ZOMG down easily.
  • The highest Round I've reached is: Probably 106
  • Between Bloons and Bloons TD, I mostly play: Bloons Td
  • I Play Bloons 3, 5, and 6
  • I have a ninja kiwi account but for some odd reason I can't play it on my computer
  • This is my favorite app game! Why the heck do adults don't understand it?

Tips to win:

  • Try villages near non-attcking camo towers, especially if you need that for a canon to destroy your camo-lead
  • Bloonchippers are very useful for MOAB class bloons
  • When you buy a super monkey on robo don't upgrade to tech-terror, it's expensive, instead just use plasma blasts, they do the same damage for less price

I'm mostly on Rio Wiki and my main intrest is pet birds. If you have a bird and need help...just let me know.

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