aka Katraina (formerly spixmacaw101)

  • I live in Colorado
  • My occupation is Student (will go for applied business for college)
  • I am Female

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My favourite Bloons TD tower is: Super Monkey tied with the village, because it can grant camo on btd5, 2nd is the bloonchipper! which can take a ZOMG down easily.
  • The highest Round I've reached is: Probably 106
  • Between Bloons and Bloons TD, I mostly play: Bloons Td
  • I Play Bloons 3, 5, and 6
  • I have a ninja kiwi account but for some odd reason I can't play it on my computer
  • This is my favorite app game! Why the heck do adults don't understand it?

Tips to win:

  • Try villages near non-attcking camo towers, especially if you need that for a canon to destroy your camo-lead
  • Bloonchippers are very useful for MOAB class bloons
  • Robo monkeys don't do much moire with their price, Instead use the sun of god but don't do the 4th upgrade!

I'm mostly on Rio Wiki and my main intrest is pet birds. If you have a bird and need help...just let me know.

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