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Stats & StuffEdit

  • Favorite Bloons TD tower: Buccaneer
  • Favorite Hero in BTD6: Tie between Benjamin & Pat Fusty
  • Highest Round I've reached in BTD6: 493 (Cracked, Hard, Alternate Bloons Rounds)
  • Highest Round I’ve reached in BTD5: 103 (North Pole, Easy, Co-op)
  • Current rank in BTD6: 109
  • Quincy buff ideas: Change his level 19 upgrade to shoot 3 arrows instead of 2.

Big MilestonesEdit

  • First C.H.I.M.P.S. completion: Cubism, February 19, 2019.
  • First AOTVM: March 19, 2019 on Cracked, Hard, Alternate Bloons Rounds.


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