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Welcome to the Bloons Wiki!

Hey there! Anomalous13 here.

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Feel free to refer to me as Anomalous. If you're wondering where I got the names "Mojo22106" and "Anomalous13", look here. I'm currently an inactive bureaucrat here at Bloons Wiki, although that might change soon. 

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I've been a fan of the BTD games ever since the original came out in 2007. My favorite BTD would be BTD5. In BTD5, I am currently rank 72, and my favorite tower is the Monkey Apprentice. Really love it! As for my favorite ability, it would be...MOAB Assassin.

EDIT: I'm no longer playing Bloons games, although that might change soon.

Random daily challenge I submitted once:

Playing With Fire

June 30, 2012

I am currently writing a BTD fanfic titled, "Global Conflicts", and I am currently on chapter 12 of 35/40. I am not sure how many chapters the fanfic will have. More details here.

EDIT: I am no longer working on these fanfics.

Bloons Wiki

As my golden name suggests, I am a bureaucrat of Bloons WikiI've been editing on the Bloons Wiki since January 2010. I love this wiki and as you can see, I've been very dedicated and eager to make this place better in any way possible!

I'm currently hosting a Trivia game on the Bloons Universe! Check that out as well!

EDIT: I am no longer hosting Bloons Trivia.

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