Nominate users here if you want to make them featured on the front page of the Bloons Wiki.  Ineligible votes will be struck through until fixed (if it can).

Voter RequirementsEdit

  • You cannot nominate two or more users simultaneously.
  • You must be registered and have at least 50 mainspace edits.
  • Please sign your vote(s) and/or comment(s). If you don't, your vote will get deleted.

​Nominated User RequirementsEdit

  • Users cannot nominate themselves for this position.
  • User must have at least 200 mainspace edits to be eligible for nomination.
  • User must have a good civil behaviour and must not have been blocked within the past two months.
  • Users can only be voted once per year.
  • If the user has breached a policy within the month of their nomination, their nomination will be marked as invalid. It is up to an administrator to decide if the breach is serious enough to warrant such action.

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These templates/images can used for voting: 15px-Support Supporter: Support, Lolol Neutralist: Neutral, Oppose Opposer: Oppose

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