aka 210577bloons

  • I live in Bloonesland
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Directing monkey troops in battle
  • I am boy

Hello, visitorI'm a Bloons Wiki user and I enjoy Bloons TD 5. I've joined this wiki in May 2014 and started posting in forums and editing the wiki. I also play Monkey City, Bloons, Bloons 2, and Bloons TD 4. Contact me on my message wall or send me a message through Ninja Kiwi (my username is 210577). I seriously need BMC supply crates; I'm OUT.

How to Make Good PagesEdit

It's not hard to make and moderate pages in Bloons Wiki. All you need to do is spot something that is missing (we could do with some more BSM upgrades, BMC Special Items and Missions, and levels in things like More Bloons). Then you just make it the best as you can. Try to add an image or two. As for the code, you can pretty much learn it one by one and follow the wiki guidelines. When you're ready, hit "Publish". A professional will see it in a day or two and make revisions where necessary, don't worry.

Editing a page isn't hard. Just type in an interesting fact (e.g. Glaive Lord's orbital glaives orbit it during rounds) or something missing (like the formula for the building limit in BMC). However, try to make as many edits in one go as you can. You shouldn't have to hit publish and then constantly go back because you forgot something small like a link, categories, etc. because you should have done it before.

How to Become a Well-known UserEdit

  1. Post on forums. They're just about as important as a mainspace page.
  2. Update your profile and avatar.
  3. Share your NK account if you have one.
  4. Write blogs. They can help.

Pages I've CreatedEdit


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Latest stuff for my Monkey CityEdit

Disclaimer: I keep track of this for amusement, not to brag.

  • 9/30/14: I NLLed a 27-wave DDT tile with this.
  • 9/30/14: I found my Tranquil Glade on the top right of my city! Yay!
  • 10/5/14: Bought Banana Research HQ
  • 10/6/14: Shame on you, Bloons! This should NOT be able to NLL a ceramic regen assault on Tiki!
  • 11/12/14: Got to round 23 on a Tier 2 2nd city CT
  • 11/14/14: Found both glacier missions lurking in the shadows.
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