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Bloons Super Monkey 2 has hidden files in its map folder hinting at three unused worlds. It is unclear if these have been implemented into any version of the game.

Sky Space[]

One unused map is titled Sky Space, as revealed by a song on the Bloons Super Monkey 2 soundtrack. It is the only unused map with a soundtrack. The map is sparse, consisting of scattered stars, a turquoise-colored ringed planet, a white nebula, and a crescent moon.

Island map[]

Another unused map features an archipelago from above with scattered clouds. It is similar to the Bloons Tower Defense 5 maps Challenger Deep and Archipelago.

Earthlike map[]

A third unused map depicts an Earthlike planet from orbit. Three continents and numerous islands are visible. In the sky, the same crescent moon appearing in Sky Space is visible as well as an array of stars.