Unlimited Darts

Unlimited Darts

Unlimited Darts, also known as Unlimited Darts Mode, is a feature in Bloons and Bloons 2 that gives the player an infinite amount of darts. This can be optionally chosen on the menu at the bottom of the level. It helps a lot on some levels, but it is totally useless on others. The level will be marked as completed once the pop target is reached, but not once all on-screen bloons are popped.

Bloons 1Edit

In the original Bloons, you can unlock levels in this mode. This also applies to Bloons World.
Unlimited darts mode more bloons

Unlimited Darts Mode checklist in more bloons

Bloons 2Edit

In Bloons 2, at the end, instead of showing a score, it says "No Pain, No Gain..." which means to get points you have to be in limited darts mode. This is similar to when the player uses a Super Monkey. The player can still unlock additional levels, but occasionally there will be a glitch that prevents the them from unlocking certain zones.


  • Occasionally, there is a glitch in Bloons 2 where if a zone is completed, the unlimited darts features disables by itself.
  • This feature or "hack" makes Bonus Dart Bloons absolutely useless.
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