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Unit Buildings, also called Monkey Buildings are buildings that increase your Monkey population in Bloons Monkey City.

List of Unit Buildings[]

Building Tower
Dart Monkey Hall Dart Monkey
Tack Shooter Storage Tack Shooter
Sniper's Recluse Sniper Monkey
Boomerang Hut Boomerang Thrower
Ninja Abode Ninja Monkey
Spike Shack Road Spikes
Pineapple Stand Pineapple
Bomb Range Bomb Tower
Monkey Village Monkey Village
House of Ice Ice Tower
Glue Gun Range Glue Gunner
Dartling Gun Cache Dartling Gun
Port Monkey Buccaneer
Spike Factory Warehouse Spike Factory
Mortar Range Mortar Tower
Engineer Workshop Monkey Engineer
Ace Airport Monkey Ace
Wizard's Tower Monkey Apprentice
Super Monkey Villa Super Monkey
Chipper Shed Bloonchipper
Heli Pad Heli Pilot