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A sword so rad it could only exist in your dreams!
~ BATTD Description

The Unimaginably Amazing Sword (aka UAS) is an Epic Weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD.


The hilt is a brown color, the guard is in the shape of a falcon's wings with a blue gem in the center and the blade is a orange color. Just as the description states "A sword so rad it could only exist in your dreams!", it is considered a powerful sword.

Ability properties[]

When the Unimaginably Amazing Sword turns into a shark, the wearer's attack speed is lowered slightly, damage is increased, and the damage type is changed to normal. The ability lasts 20 seconds and has a 60 second cooldown. The effects are as follows:

  • +5 damage + 1 / 3 stars
  • -20% speed + 1% / 2 stars

All effect adding modifications will still be added to the Shark Sword.


The Unimaginably Amazing Sword is an effective tool for crowd control with the use of its ability, even though with its fast cooldown, it is still recommended to use this ability wisely since an overwhelming sensation may come and can result in Defeat.

A major advantage the Shark Sword has is its ability to pop any bloon type (except camo) with its lead-popping ability, which is a distinctively unavailable feature for other swords. Although with it’s great power, this is also applicable to Nothung with the same given power, although it has less damage it fully uses it permanently, meaning there is no need for the use of abilities, it is up to the user’s preference on whether they would liked to choose.

The Unimaginably Amazing Sword can be an alternative weapon choice to boost speed statistics for characters, specifically an Eco Finn setup. This can continue to be used until the user obtains the Finn Sword, should swap the weapon with it. This is due to the Unimaginably Amazing Sword’s ability not beneficially providing anything to help with the setup since with its high damage can reduce the potential of gaining the maximum income from popping bloons, whereas Finn Sword has the ability to place 2 of the same character, greatly affecting additional income for Finn.

Another addition to add is that with it’s speed boost is greatly paired with characters noteworthy of being slow. Equip this weapon to either Warrior Bubblegum or Dungeon Finn since they are respectively slow at fighting.


The Unimaginably Amazing Sword, although with its heavily powered ability and high rank, is something that is not to be prioritized mainly, since there may be better choices for other items to choose which are considerably better. Another addition to further structurise the reduction of prioritization is it is the only epic weapon to have a disadvantage of reducing the speed of Shark Sword. There are better options to choose from this with no downsides whatsoever.




  • It has the second highest attack speed for a Sword weapon at Level 2 and higher, behind just Finn Sword.