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Enables Super Monkey to shoot slightly further and to see Camo Bloons.
~ BTD6 description

Ultravision is the second upgrade on Path 3 for the Super Monkey in BTD6. It slightly increases the Super Monkey's range (specifically by +3) and allows it to target Camo Bloons.

The Ultravision upgrade costs $1,020 on Easy difficulty, $1,200 on Medium, $1,295 on Hard, and $1,440 on Impoppable.



Ultravision gives the Super Monkey with internal camo detection, allowing it not need to rely on other sources of camo detection such as Radar Scanner to be added. Plus, it comes with the Knockback effects from its previous upgrade. However, if there is already a reliable source of external camo detection for the Super Monkey, there is little value to buying this upgrade besides giving the Super Monkey with slightly increased range.


  • It's worth mentioning that this upgrade increases the range of the Super Monkey by 3 units, or 6% without any other upgrades.
  • Although not a particularly impressive upgrade, crosspathing it with the Sun Avatar is viable as the previous upgrade, Knockback, is essential to the Sun Avatar.
  • Avoid crosspathing Ultravision with Middle Path Super Monkey as the power from the top path is generally far more appreciated.
  • This upgrade is easily made redundant with a Radar Scanner Monkey Village, as the Village can crosspath to further boost your Super Monkey and buff other towers as well.


Official artwork[]


  • The Ultravision upgrade is likely based upon the Tier 3 Super Monkey Lair, which grants camo detection and extra range to Super Monkeys.
  • Super Monkeys with just Ultravision do not have visible eyes, but adding any other crosspath will add eyes to the Super Monkey.