Overclocked Monkeys gain a small but permanent boost each time Overclock wears off.
~ BTD6 description

Ultraboost is the 5th upgrade on Path 2 for the Engineer Monkey . It adds a 10% permanent attack speed boost to the overclocked tower after the original ability expires. This special attack speed bonus can stack additively up to 10 times, and grant 2x attack speed to the target monkey when maximized. When stacked with Overclock ability or an active Ultraboost ability, the target monkey will be boosted up to 4x attack speed.

It costs $102,000 on Easy and $120,000 on Medium, $129,600 on Hard, $144,000 on Impoppable.


Ultraboost gives the Engineer Monkey with a high-tech visor and an electricity-powered resource generator on his back. Similar to Overclock, the nailgun is actually a technologically advanced gun connected to his carryable generator. The Engineer no longer wears a pencil on his ear, but instead wears ear protection that comes from his high-tech visor.

Ultraboost abilityEdit

The Ultraboost's Overclock ability and a normal Overclock ability can stack visually but the effect is not so it will only be 2x attack speed boost if both kinds of Overclock is applied, and 4x still with 10x permanent speed boost and both kind of Overclocks.

Besides an additional permanent attack speed boost provided from an expired Ultraboost (plus additional extra range for Monkey Villages), similar rules regarding the Ultraboost's Overclock ability are the same as regular Overclock:

  • Overclocked monkeys gain doubled attack speed for up to 60 seconds.
  • Overclocked Monkey Villages additionally gain a slight range boost for up to 60 seconds.
  • Overclocked monkeys valued at $40,000+ will only be Overclocked for 40 seconds instead of the full 60 seconds.
  • Banana Farms double income production during round if Overclocked, regardless of cost of the Banana Farm that was Overclocked.
  • Cooldown of 60 seconds upon usage.


  • As it costs extremely high just for one support upgrade, it is better off using Ultraboost for late-game. Particularly, use on Sun Temples and True Sun Gods.
  • One permanent boost on a Monkey Village or a Banana Farm grants the effect of a tenth of an Overclock. 10x permanent boost is roughly the same as a normal Overclock on those towers. These effect are also stackable with an Overclock effect. Eg. a farm with maximize boost and an active Overclock will generate 4x income per round then usual.
    • However, it seems that 10x permanent boost will actually grant 1 extra banana/crate drop on a farm from its already-boosted income.
  • As with Overclock, Ultraboosting a Monkeyopolis will not increase income production, but will increase its range.



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