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Gigantic spiked ball splits twice into 6 Juggernaut balls for even more destructive power.
~ BTD6 description

Ultra-Juggernaut is the fifth and final upgrade of Path 1 for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It replaces the Dart Monkey's normal Juggernaut with a massive black catapult holding a large orange-red and gray spiked ball. It is unlocked with 22,000 XP. The damage dealt to regular bloons is doubled with this upgrade to 4 (+8 for Ceramics), and its pierce is now 200. The 6 smaller spiked balls that emerge deal 1 damage to bloons and 3 damage to Ceramics with 100 pierce each, equal to those from normal Juggernaut but with one less damage and double pierce.

The Ultra-Juggernaut works similarly to the normal Juggernaut. However, unlike it, the Ultra-Juggernaut's projectiles split into 6 normal Juggernaut balls twice, and its projectiles can rehit the same target multiple times. Because of how much damage the Ultra-Juggernaut ball does versus Ceramics, it can break apart a standard health Ceramic into 4 Black Bloons and 4 White Bloons.

It costs $12,750 on Easy, $15,000 on Medium, $16,200 on Hard, and $18,000 on Impoppable.



Ultra-Juggernaut has an unusual niche that allows it to become insanely strong on maps with lots of Line of Sight obstacles. Due to its unique mechanics of rehitting bloons more than once upon bouncing off obstacles, the combined extra damage to Ceramics and overall high damage to other bloons allows an Ultra-Juggernaut to deal serious damage against many grouped bloons within the same location. This is where the presence of many obstacles on the map becomes extremely helpful. Pair an Ultra-Juggernaut with supports from Primary Training, Overclock, and Stronger Stimulant for the best results.

There are a number of maps where it is very recommended to be used on, such as: Hedge, Moon Landing, Encrypted, Balance and Cornfield. In fact, its sheer power on Cornfield without removed obstacles allows it to become a dominant force for completing the "No Harvest" achievement, which involves beating Cornfield CHIMPS without corn removed.


  • For a fifth-tier upgrade, the Ultra-Juggernaut is very cheap. Using Banana Farms and Merchantmen, the money needed for Ultra-Juggernaut can easily be acquired, and possibly even early in the game.
  • Use Jungle Drums to increase the attack speed of Ultra-Juggernaut.
    • Additionally, Call to Arms can be used to briefly increase the Ultra-Juggernaut's attack speed.
    • Primary Training should also be considered, as it increases the range, pierce, and projectile speed of all Primary Monkeys in its radius.
  • Ultra-Juggernaut becomes much more potent against MOAB-Class Bloons with the "Force vs Force" Monkey Knowledge upgrade.
    • The Ultra-Juggernaut will do 3 damage per shot instead of 1 damage per shot against MOAB-Class Bloons. The Juggernaut balls, along with the Ultra-Juggernaut ball, can potentially do up to 21 damage if they split directly on top of MOAB-Class Bloons.
  • It is better to get the Path 2 upgrades than the Path 3 upgrades as the speed upgrades makes it shoot much faster unless you want to defend against Camo Bloons, although a Radar Scanner can solve the problem unless Monkey Villages are restricted, such as in a Daily Challenge or in Primary Monkeys Only.
  • The Ultra-Juggernaut will tend to struggle against the Super Ceramics after round 80. At this point, it is recommended to use other upgrades like The Bloon Solver or Crossbow Master to deal better with Ceramics.
  • Ultra-Juggernaut is extremely powerful for its relatively low cost on maps where there are many obstacles, such as Moon Landing or Cornfield, especially when combined with buffs such as a 3-2-0 Primary Training, an Overclock, and a 4-x-x Stronger Stimulant. In fact, unlike most towers, it struggles on maps where there are few or no obstacles.

Version History[]

Ultra-Juggernaut became a much stronger option at countering Ceramics and dealing general damage. In addition, it now become a supreme option for maps with large quantities of Line of Sight obstacles.

  • Buff Base damage increased from 3 → 4
  • Buff Ceramic damage increased from 9 → 12
  • Buff Ultra-Juggernaut projectiles now bounce off walls. Projectiles can't hit the same target multiple times.
  • Buff Projectiles can now hit the same target multiple times.

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  • Ultra-Juggernaut is one of the few Tier 5 upgrades that can be afforded on normal Deflation Mode, the others being Elite Defender, Super Maelstrom and The Tack Zone (Through specific MK)
  • Since the ball is now centered on the catapult, Ultra-Juggernaut actually changes the position that the projectile is shot from, relative to the tower, by a slight amount. This can improve the accuracy of the tower if it was placed in a position that causes a regular Juggernaut to accidentally fire straight into an obstacle.
  • This is the only Tier 5 upgrade that doesn't change its Monkey in comparison to the regular one.
    • It is one of the two Tier 5 upgrades where the monkey wears no clothes at all, including no headgear, the other being Super Brittle.
  • Ultra-Juggernaut has the first-lowest XP requirements for the Tier 5 upgrade alone.