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Beat 15 maps in CHIMPS Mode
~ BTD6 description
Ultamite Bloons Master

Ultimate Bloons Master is an achievement in Bloons TD 6. It is achieved by winning on 15 different maps on C.H.I.M.P.S. Mode. This means at least 15 CHIMPS badges must be earned. Collecting the Achievement rewards will earn BloonjaminsIcon2000 and 4 Monkey Knowledge Points.



Having a steady CHIMPS strategy for maps of the easiest difficulty is the most optimal way to earn this achievement. After mastering one CHIMPS map, utilize the skills beaten on that CHIMPS map to beat other CHIMPS maps. If the main strategy used to beat CHIMPS games doesn't feel troublesome on the easiest maps, chances are that persistence of that same strategy will likely succeed for all 15 CHIMPS maps.


  • Beating at least 15 Beginner maps is the easiest way to unlock this achievement. Gold/Black Border is not required for those 15 maps; a map with a CHIMPS badge will count towards the achievement as long as CHIMPS Mode was beaten on that map.
    • Progress cannot be made by repeatedly beating the same map on CHIMPS. The player must earn a badge on 15 unique maps.
    • Progress can be made in Co-op. However, this achievement will only count one badge towards completion. If the player has a single player CHIMPS badge and a co-op CHIMPS badge on the same map, it will only count as one for progression.
  • The best approach for the achievement besides earning CHIMPS badges from the easiest maps is to use the best practices for playing on CHIMPS. Most importantly, remember to always use a Hero, place towers carefully, purchase only necessary towers and upgrades, and avoid income-producing upgrades if possible.
    • There are exceptions to the "no income-producing upgrades" principle, however. An example of this is the use of Elite Sniper for countering mid-game rushes, Support Chinook to move around towers, and Special Poperations as a mobile DPS option.
    • Some towers that are capable of producing bonus income may not be primarily income-producing; a notable example is Pirate Lord.


  • Before Version 2.0, with the introduction of Firing Range, there were 20 maps in the game. During the time, it would have required, at easiest, all CHIMPS Medals from Beginner and Intermediate, as well as one Advanced map.