Green UFO


Green UFO Shields

UFO Bloons are one of the new types of bloons that were debuted in Bloons Super Monkey 2. They steal Power Blops from the Super Monkey. The temporary powerup Blop Safe will prevent them from stealing blops. UFO Bloons also count as a bloon to destroy in each stage. There are 2 types of UFO Bloons: Green UFOs and Purple UFOs. UFO Bloons can be very frustrating and annoying, especially if the player wishes to earn more Blops.

Green UFO BloonsEdit

Green UFO Bloons steal loose blops that have not been collected, up to 100 blops per time before it disappears. Green UFO Bloons must first be hit around five times. It will grow a shield and drop all blops it was collecting, although it will keep blops already collected. It will disappear to the side and reappear shortly later. This process must occur once more, with the green UFO turning white when appearing for the third and final time. If it is not popped quickly enough, it will disappear at the top of the level. Likewise, popping it before it disappears with its lose blops will cause it to explode, scattering all the blops it tried to steal for the player to collect. Mousing over a Green UFO will let you collect its blops.

Purple UFO BloonsEdit


Purple UFOs stealing Power Blops from the Super Monkey

Purple UFOs steal up to 100 blops (each with the value of a blue blop) directly from the Super Monkey. These are weaker than normal UFOs and take only 1 hit to pop. If the player purchased Blop Safe, purple UFOs will circle the player's Super Monkey for a while before disappearing.

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