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Jake is ready to put his musical talent to good use and inspire his friends to greater heights. Hopefully Lady will be impressed!
~ BATTD description
Plays inspiring music to boost all nearby characters.
~ Short description

Tuxedo Jake is a premium character in Bloons Adventure Time TD and is a purely supportive counterpart to Jake. He primarily gains income as well as supports other towers, much like the Banana Farm and Monkey Village, respectively. By default, he grants all characters and allies with a 10% (12% with level 4 and 15% with level 9) discount, similar to Supermonkey with the Heroic Aura upgrade. He costs $600 in the game. Note that for trinkets that require melee or ranged damage, he is considered neither melee or ranged. His discount also does not stack with Supermonkey's Heroic Aura.

He is unlocked with a one-off purchase of $9.99 USD or 75,000 Martian Crystals at the Martian Trader.




  • Boosts all nearby characters


  • Initially doesn't attack


Icon turn it up
Turn It Up!
COST: $500
Description: Increases the range of all nearby characters
Effect: +4 range to all towers in range
Icon allegro tempo
Allegro Tempo
COST: $1,200
Upgrade(s) Required:
Turn It Up!
Description: Increases the attack speed of all nearby characters
Effect: +10% attack speed to all towers in range
Icon full orchestra
Full Orchestra
COST: $370
Upgrade(s) Required:
Allegro Tempo
Description: Increases the boost given by all musical instruments
Effect: Increases Star Level by 3 to characters who wield an instrument (Only another Tuxedo Jake during Send In The Clones can provide himself this buff)
Icon catchy tune
Inspiring Melody
COST: $3,500
Upgrade(s) Required:
Allegro Tempo
Description: Nearby characters can pop any bloon type
Effect: Gives black-popping, white-popping, purple-popping, frozen-popping, lead-popping, ghost-popping, and Camo Detection to all towers within range
Icon inspiring melody
Catchy Tunes
COST: $3,000
Upgrade(s) Required:
Inspiring Melody
Locked by
Description: Characters receiving boosts from Jake will give that boost to characters near them
Effect: Tuxedo Jake's influence buffs (trinkets, such as Treetrunk's Apple Knife(?), Warning Horn(?)) extend to the ranges of all towers within his range, does not affect his discount. Note that this upgrade can cause immense lag the more towers are within his range.
Icon rock out
Rock Out!
COST: $800
Requires Star Level 3+

Description: Ability: Attack the bloons with the power of rock!
Effect: Tuxedo Jake now shoots sonic waves with 2 normal damage, 0.3 attack cooldown, 6 pierce, detects camo, and ignores line of sight for 25 seconds. 90 second cooldown, attack is not considered melee or ranged
Icon fame
COST: $5,500
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Catchy Tunes
Rock Out!
Description: Characters near Jake get a speed boost while he's rocking out
Effect: Towers within range get +20% speed boost, affects Catchy Tunes(?)
Icon fortune
COST: $7,700
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Rock Out!
Description: Bloons popped by the rock out attack drop cash bundles
Effect: Drops one cash bundle per red bloon fully popped worth $??? each
Icon busker
COST: $600
Description: Drops cash bundles every round
Effect: Drops 3 bundles of cash worth $30 each per round
Icon musician
COST: $1,150
Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Drops more cash bundles each round
Effect: Drops 6 bundles of cash per round
Icon royalties
COST: $500
Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Increases the value of cash bundles
Effect: Cash bundles worth $50 instead of $30
Icon superstar
COST: $4,800
Upgrade(s) Required:
Locked by
Catchy Tunes
Description: Drops massive bundles of cash each round!
Effect: Cash bundles worth $250 each

Star Boost[]

Tuxedo Jake will receive the following permanent boosts as he levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 4 stars - Base effect discount increased by 2%
  • 6 stars - Base price decreased by $100
  • 8 stars - Base range increased by 3
  • 9 stars - Base effect discount increased by 3%
  • 10 stars - Starts with Busker upgrade pre-purchased for free



Jake and the Lady[]


When placed:

  • "Best seat in the house!"
  • "Ready for my leading role"
  • "Table for two. Croissant."
  • "Alright big spender, just remember there's only one Jake the Dog." -Jake, when Jake/Tuxedo Jake is placed after the other

When selected:

  • "*Clears throat elegantly*"
  • "*Clears throat elegantly* La-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa!"
  • "Right you are!
  • "Okay!"
  • "Uh-huh?"
  • "You rang?"
  • "Do you mind?" (when annoyed)
  • "Check please!" (when annoyed)

When upgraded:

  • "Tuning up!"
  • "Music to my ears!"
  • "Maestro!"

When MOAB-Class Bloon appears:

  • "Aww, man! They forgot to write my love note on the side..."

When MOAB-Class Bloon is destroyed:

  • "I dedicate this battle to Lady Rainicorn!"

When activating ability:

  • [electric guitar riffs] (Rock Out!)
  • "Time to hit the high note!" (Rock Out!)

When Bloons leak:

  • "These bloons are cramping my style!"


If the player aims for money, the Fortune upgrade is able to produce $250 per bloon destroyed; the sooner the upgrade is purchased, the better.

Best used at the beginning of the game while upgrading his Busker path for income. He should be placed before buying any expensive upgrades as he discounts any tower in range.

His upgrade Inspiring Melody grants the ability for towers to pop any Bloon type similarly to the Monkey Intelligence Bureau upgrade and becomes a vital part of a defense in modes that have Ghost Bloons in them and defenses that lack the ability to pop certain bloon types. Like the MIB, Inspiring Melody grants camo detection.

Tuxedo Jake is very useful within the Martian Games as he can provide extra cash with his Busker path upgrades early on in the game and discount and buff towers later in the game, and his ability with Fortune can generate lots of cash. Note that Catchy Tunes can cause immense lag the more towers are within his range, so going for his Fame upgrade should only be done if the player can manage the lag.

If considering purchasing Tuxedo Jake, whether for actual money or with Martian Crystals, and cannot purchase the entire Character Bundle, he is a great choice, although Hunter Marceline is better if seeking a DPS tower. Tuxedo Jake provides useful buffs and Lady Rainicorn from his adventure can be useful on certain maps with poor placement spots for towers, so he is great for buffing other towers. Hunter Marceline on the other hand scales well in the lategame with her rapid global range stake attacks and Soul Sucking effect, and Vampire King from her adventure is one of the best allies in the game for Martian Games. Dungeon Finn on the other hand is not nearly as gamechanging as the latter two, and his ally from his adventure, Train Boss, is considered a very weak ally because of slow attack speed, weak damage, and low utility.

Version History[]

  • NERF Inspiring Melody cost increased ($1500 --> $3500)
  • NERF Busker cost increased ($400 --> $600)
  • NERF Busker cash bundle value decreased ($50 --> $30)
  • NERF Royalties bundle value decreased ($TBA + $TBA per star --> $50 + $2 per star)
  • NERF Musician number of bundles decreased (TBA + 1 per TBA stars --> 5 + 1 per 3 stars)
  • NERF Superstar number of bundles decreased (TBA + 1 per TBA stars --> 9 + 1 per 3 stars)
  • NERF All Tuxedo Jake upgrades no longer receive star bonuses.
  • BUFF Tuxedo Jake will receive permanent buffs based on the character level:
    • 2 stars - Base range increased by 2
    • 4 stars - Base effect discount increased by 2%
    • 6 stars - Base price decreased by $100
    • 8 stars - Base range increased by 3
    • 9 stars - Base effect discount increased by 3%
    • 10 stars - Starts with Busker upgrade pre-purchased for free
  • BUFF Tuxedo Jake's base cost is decreased ($1100 --> $600)
  • BUFF Royalties cost reduced ($3800 --> $500)
  • BUFF Musician cost reduced ($2300 --> $1150)
  • BUFF Musician drops 6 cash bundles instead of 5.
  • NERF Superstar now requires both Musician and Royalties upgrades.
  • BUFF Superstar now drops 6 mega bundles of $250 each.
  • ChangeTurn It Up range changed from +15% to +4


  • Catchy Tunes does not affect his discount effect.
  • Towers affected by Inspiring Melody will still make sounds signifying they cannot pop frozen bloons despite gaining frozen-popping power.


Character Profile and Levelling Up[]



  • If the player waits on the character screen, Tuxedo Jake holds a music box above his head.
  • Tuxedo Jake is the only character to have 2 different voice lines when annoyed.