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Tubular Track

Tubular, an Advanced Bloons TD 5 Deluxe track, is an easy track at first glance. But upon closer examination, you notice the tunnels or "tubes". These tubes make hitting bloons much harder, due to not being able to hit them while in the tunnels. The tunnels also behave like the tunnels on Monkey Lane, but the ones on Tubular are smaller and towers cannot be placed on them. However, they are see-through, so you can see where the Bloons are in the tunnel, unlike Monkey Lane. MOABs, BFBs, and ZOMGs simply float over the tubes as they are too big to fit in.


  • Spike Factories are advised here, since most towers will have difficulties hitting bloons. However, the Spike Factory's attack is not affected by the tubes.
  • This track is composed of 4 tubes similar to the tunnels in Monkey Lane, so if you are using a tower that shoots in a straight line like a Juggernaut, don't put it near the tubes as it won't hit the bloons inside the tubes.
  • Ninja Monkeys with the upgrade Seeking Shuriken are highly advised here or any upgrade that lets the projectiles of the towers home in on bloons.
  • In later rounds, it is highly recomended to have Ground Zero, as it can pop bloons inside the tubes (Even Bloon Annihilation cannot pop bloons inside them) although Absolute Zero can freeze bloons inside them.