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You don't have any towers that you can use to attack this tile. Are you sure you still want to attack?
~ No Towers Available warning in BMC Mobile, indicationg Truly Impoppable Difficulty
IMG 0197

Example of Truly Impoppable tile, when the player does not have towers to place in a Hills Terrain tile)

Truly Impoppable Difficulty is a term referring to the Impoppable tile difficulty in Bloons Monkey City. All tiles that contain camo and/or at least Lead as the highest ranked bloon are considered Truly Impoppable if the player does not have at least one tower or upgrade (read: not having built at least one base building for the tower or not having researched the appropriate upgrade in one of the upgrade buildings) that detect camo bloons or pop lead bloons, respectively.

Regardless of stated difficulty, all Hills Terrain and Snow Terrain tiles become Truly Impoppable if the player only has Dart Monkeys available (either by having not built other types of base buildings yet in the early levels, or having all buildings damaged due to losing MvM defenses without sufficient City Cash, leaving the player with only Banana Farms and free Dart Monkeys); in BMC Mobile/Steam, attempting to attack a normal tile with these conditions met will yield the No Towers Available warning. Conversely, all tiles may become Truly Impoppable if the player does not have access to free Dart Monkeys and has all buildings damaged from MvM attacks.

Table of tiles that are Truly Impoppable under certain conditions[]

Tile/Special Mission Criterion that makes this tile Truly Impoppable
Any terrain with Camo Bloon Strategies Not having towers or upgrades that detect camo
Any terrain with at least Lead as highest ranked bloon Not having towers or upgrades that pop Lead
Any Hills or Snow Terrain Not having towers other than Dart Monkey
Wattle Trees Not having Boomerang Thrower with Red Hot 'Rangs or several Exploding Pineapples (though very difficult with the latter)
Tranquil Glade Not having one of the following:

Ninja Monkey with Flash Bomb, Dart Monkey with Juggernaut, or Sniper Monkey with Full Metal Jacket and Night Vision Goggles

Consecrated Ground Not having one of the following:

Super Monkey with Temple of the Monkey God (impractical as Camo Bloons spawn at round 1, and the tile is required to unlock said upgrade), Monkey Apprentice with Monkey Sense, or Anti-Camo Dust (Flash only)

If Camo Bloons or DDTs are not present:

Super Monkey with Plasma Blasts or Robo Monkey, or Monkey Apprentice