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True Experts are Expert Maps that possess a significant amount of difficulty relative to other maps in the game, more specifically in CHIMPS scenarios. Some Advanced Maps may also appear on this list. The term "True Expert" is a popular term in Bloons TD 6, and because it is a community-made term, it is quite subjective as to what constitutes a "True Expert" as opposed to a "false" one.

Generally speaking, True Experts refer to the following, ranked from "hardest" to "easiest" by community consensus:

  1. Bloody Puddles
  2. Quad
  3. #Ouch

Some players also add the following maps to the list of True Experts.

  1. X Factor
  2. Dark Dungeons
  3. Ravine
  4. Muddy Puddles
  5. Erosion
  6. Geared

In the past, prior to the release of Flooded Valley, the community considered Workshop a True Expert. Additionally, Geared and X Factor are also often included despite being Advanced, but eventually fell off the list for elite players by 25.1. Similarly, Muddy Puddles was considered a True Expert for elite players until around the time when Ravine was released.

Ninja Kiwi has not yet referred to the term "True Experts" before, but mentioned possibility of adjusting difficulty of specific maps in Bloons TD 6 in the near future.