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Earn Trophies by completing Odysseys, placing in Races and beating Bosses
~ Trophy Store Introduction Message

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Trophies are a currency added to Bloons TD 6 in Version 7.0, along with Race Events. Initially, trophies were solely a score of accomplishment for beating special events. After the introduction of the Trophy Store in Version 19.0, trophies became a useable currency for special items.

Trophies can only be earned through finishing Odysseys, placing in Races, beating Boss Bloons, completing Contested Territory, and completing a few select achievements. They can not be purchased with either in-game or real currency.

Earning Trophies[]

Earning Trophies is only possible with Odyssey Mode, Race Events, or Boss Battles. Completing harder Odysseys, reaching higher up the leaderboard on Race Events, or beating tougher bosses will earn more Trophies. Due to the competitive nature of Race and Boss leaderboards, the most efficient way for most players to accumulate trophies is generally through completing Odyssey on Hard mode, or beating Boss Events.

It is also possible to earn a free Trophies25 from spending at least Trophies50 in the Trophy Store, obtained by completing the Coupon Crazy achievement. Completing the Social Butterfly achievement earns Trophies20, which can be obtained from using 100 Emotes in Co-op Mode.


  • As of early April 2021, Ninja Kiwi reports 106,264,923 Trophies were spent since the Trophy Store was first released. Link.
    • Ninja Kiwi had used numerical separators incorrectly in their notes, erroneously writing "1,062,649,23" instead.