Trivial black

A Trivial Black Bloon tile

The Trivial Difficulty is the simplest difficulty in Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile. A tile with this difficulty is represented with one green dot. This can sometimes become a nuisance due to its fewer XP gained from the tile. However, completing such a tile will still gain at least some City Cash but the same amount of Bloonstones, and also still counts towards Events and the earning of Monkey Knowledge Packs. Attempting to attack any of these tiles results in the player getting a warning message, asking them if they want to skip it or not. Skipping such tile gives no XP, no Bloonstones, nor Monkey Knowledge Packs, and rewards only the City Cash normally gained from it, including any extra Cash or Special Item from it if said tile had a treasure chest, and it instantly captures the tile without the need to fight the Bloons.

Table of times before TrivialEdit

Trivial tiles are nonexistent when the city is first created; they will only appear if one keeps an Easy tile within the map until they reach a certain level. Up to MOAB (BFB on mobile due to the fact you can go past Level 40) tiles can be trivial. Though Assaults may never be trivial in BMC Flash, any BMC Mobile tiles even with any form of assault can be trivial.

Strongest bloon in certain type of normal tile Level at which the type of tile starts to have trivial tiles
Red 10
Blue (Mobile only) 12
Green 13
Yellow (Mobile only) 14

15 (50 XP)

16 (60 XP)

17 (70 XP)

19 (80 XP)

Black 19
White 20
Zebra (Mobile only) 22
Lead 24

25 (130 XP)

26 (140 XP)


28 (150 XP)

30 (160 XP)

32 (170 XP)

33 (180 XP)

35 (190 XP)


37 (200 XP)

39 (210 XP)

40 (220 XP)

42 (230 XP)

44 (240 XP)


46 (250 XP)

48 (260 XP)

50 (270 XP)

ZOMG / DDT / MOAB Pack/BFB Pack 55 (300 XP, with cheats)

(Note: Superjombombo found a trivial MOAB Cave Terrain while at Level 39).


  • Trivial Difficulty tiles gain only half the XP that it would for any other difficulty.
  • In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, Trivial tiles that only have reds cannot be skipped. This also applies to the Caves Terrain, and when capturing Trival tiles that have the Bloon Beacon.
  • Although the difficulty is not shown before attacking Special Terain tiles, they can be marked as Trivial, but the mission cannot be skipped nor does it have decreased reward. This dubious marking of "trivial" to Special Missions may be a glitch in the tile-determining difficulty system.


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