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For the Spike-o-Pult upgrade in BTD3, see Multi Shot.
For the Dart Monkey upgrade in BTD5 allowing it to shoot 3 darts, see Triple Darts.
For the Dart Monkey upgrade in BTD6, see Triple Shot (BTD6).

The Spike-o-Pult becomes three times as deadly
~ Description

Triple Shot is the last upgrade for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 4. The upgrade allows the Spike-O-Pult to shoot a larger projectile that visually appears to be three projectiles.

It costs $935 on Easy, $1,100 on Medium, and $1,190 on Hard. In BTD4 Expansion, it costs $850 on Easy, $1,000 on Medium, and $1,080 on Hard.


The upgrade doesn't make it throw three projectiles, despite what the description can make a player believe. It is instead a bigger one with a larger hitbox, faster projectile speed, longer projectile lifespan and 48 pierce (+30 pierce from Spike-o-pult), that can only do one layer of damage.


The catapult changes to having 3 heads instead of one, which makes it wider. The monkey operating it disappears.

The icon shows three spiked balls instead of one.


  • Triple Shot is really underpowered, costing 2k for a 1 damage tower with 48 pierce, this tower isn't recommended to be used.
  • In case of it, only upgrade if you need help handling big clumps of bloons, and buy it at the end of a straight line to better utilize it's pierce.


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