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The Triple Lives icon in BTD5

Triple Lives is a Premium Upgrade for Bloons TD 5. It gives you 600 lives on Easy Difficulty, 450 lives on Medium Difficulty and 300 lives on Hard Difficulty. It costs CoinsIcon35 in BTD5 and Monkey Dollar2500 in BTD5 Deluxe. It will triple the starting lives of any difficulty or mode. For example, the Long Siege (2/18/2012) Daily Challenge normally gives you 400 lives to start. With this premium, you start with 1200 lives. The official art consists of two big hearts and a small one next to them.


  • This premium also applies to the special mission Covert Pops and certain Daily Challenges like "Don't Mess Up" (8/8/2012). You normally start with 1 life but with Triple Lives you start off with 3 lives. You still have to be careful though, as 3 lives is still not a lot.
  • This premium is helpful on harder tracks, as many Bloons may escape.
  • In order to obtain this in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile, you have to fully upgrade Starting Lives, in the Monkey Lab.
  • It is the only constant Premium Upgrade that cannot be bought with Monkey Money before the start of a mission.
Yeah, triple lives baby!

Triple Lives' effect in BTD5 Deluxe


Triple Lives on the Game Over screen

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