Trick or Treat is a halloween themed Beginner track. The track consists of three pumpkins, one larger than the other two, which the path of the bloons is heavily based upon. The backdrop resembles a graveyard amidst dead, black trees and a dark-purple sky.

Design[edit | edit source]

Unlike most beginner tracks, Trick or Treat consists of two entrances and two exits. The first entrance is at the top-left of the track and bloons appearing from the entrance initially spiral around the left pumpkin before curving around the centre pumpkin and exiting at the bottom-left and vice-versa for bloons appearing from the second entrance. The placement of towers is completely unaltered and towers can be placed both on the pumpkins or in the backdrop.

Decors[edit | edit source]

The towers and bloons have additional decors due to the halloween theme of the track. All the bloons before the zebras have slightly varying scary faces, somewhat resembling the faces carved into the pumpkins. The zebras, rainbows, ceramics and camos remain unchanged in appearance, the M.O.A.B. appears to be a oval-shaped pumpkin still retaining its tail from the original design while the B.F.B is mainly dark green in appearance, having a demonic expression and has two additional decors at its back resembling bat wings. The towers on the other hand, are dressed or decorated in a variety of different ways, some examples including the skull icon on an unupgrade Bomb Tower or how Spike-O-Pults hurl pumpkins as opposed to its typical spike ball projectiles. Like the bloons, some towers like the Tack Shooter undergo no change whatsoever.

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