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Tribal Turtle can live on land or water. Throws spears and coconuts, coconuts do extra damage to ceramic bloons and can pop frozen and lead bloons
~ Official Bloons TD 5 Description


Tribal Turtle is a Special Agent in Bloons TD 5, Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, and Bloons TD 5 Steam. To attack, the Tribal Turtle alternates between shooting coconuts and spears. The spears can pop 2 bloons each, while the coconuts can pop 5 bloons each. The coconuts do extra damage to Ceramic Bloons and can pop Lead Bloons and Frozen Bloons. The Tribal Turtle costs Monkey Dollar.png85. To unlock the Tribal Turtle Pro, the Tribal Turtle must be placed 50 times, costing Monkey Dollar.png4,250 in total.



Tribal Turtle as featured in its release update

  • The Tribal Turtle and Pat Fusty are the only towers that can be placed on both land and water.
  • The Tribal Turtle can be placed half on water and half on land.
  • The first three Daily Challenges after the Tribal Turtle update all provided some free Tribal Turtles. The first two gave one turtle, while the third gave two.
  • April 7, 2012 had a Daily Challenge that gave 8 free Tribal Turtles.
  • When the player places a Tribal Turtle on water, there will be ripples around it. When placed on half water, half land, the ripples won't appear.
  • This agent is the only non-pro agent that can pop Lead Bloons in a normal situation (the Bloonsday Device uses an ability and the Angry Squirrel needs to be enraged). However the Tribal Turtle can't pop leads with both attacks.
  • When the Tribal Turtle is first placed, it has both the spear and coconut in its hands. The Tribal Turtle will throw both the spear and coconut on its very first attack, similiarly to its pro version.
  • While its ability to be placed on land or on water may seem interesting at first, it would only be of benefit when you are severely cramped for space and there is a small part-land part-water spot you could place it. (This is assuming a Special Mission where the towers/map never change around). In any other event, just place a left-path sniper if you need a land-based tower that good against ceramics and lead, or put a right path buccaneer or submarine if it needs to be water-based.