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Treefort Exterior is the first track in the game and is apart of the tutorial. It has only normal difficulty and 5 round in total.


Treefort Exterior is the exterior of a home and treefort on a grassy area with a pond near the track's exit. Bloons enter from the left side and exit at the home entrance.


  • Although it only have 5 round, replaying the track does not count as winning a game if player is to complete a Daily Quest. The best track for quick track completion is the Candy Throne Room on normal, which only have 10 round total.


First time reward : TBA

Replay reward Replay reward : 5xp


  • In the Adventure Time series, the Tree Fort is home to Finn, Jake, BMO and NEPTR.
  • This is the only map where only Normal Difficulty may be played normally
    • Interestingly, this map could be played on other difficulties during the Hall-Ooo-Ween 2018 event, since all maps can be played in rotation to play on any difficulty regardless of whether the map could play such difficulty.
      • However, the same amount of XP would be earned regardless of difficulty.