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Treefort Exterior is the first track in Bloons Adventure Time TD and the only track in the adventure Bloons!. As part of the game's tutorial, it only has Normal difficulty and 5 rounds in total.


Treefort Exterior is the exterior of a home and treefort on a grassy area with a pond near the track's exit. Bloons enter from the left side and exit at the home entrance.


  • Although it only have 5 round, replaying the track does not count as winning a game if player is to complete a Daily Quest. The best track for quick track completion is the Candy Throne Room on Normal, which only have 10 round total.


First time reward: 100 Coins, 5 Gems, 1 Hugsplosion Power, 60 XP

Replay reward Replay reward : 5 XP


Upon loading for the first time, the player sees the tree fort (See Description) along with other in-game interfaces that surround it. The heart counter on the top left corner states 200, along with the money counter to the right of it stating $650, as well as the round counter on the top right corner stating 1/5. The "Characters" menu is situated on the right or bottom of the screen (depending on the device type the game is running on), with the Characters heading and the icon with Finn and Jake's heads below it on top or left of the menu, respectively. Close to the menu's heading locates a portrait of Finn on a grassy background with a price tag of $300, along with numerous empty avatars in the form of dart monkey silhouettes that follow. On the bottom or right of the Character menu locates two buttons, a green square button (Play next round/fast forward) with a triangle symbol and a red square button (Pause) with two vertical bars as symbol.

There is a transcript that follows.

[Finn (left) appears raising a gray sword in right hand]

Finn: I usually love Bloons, but these guys are hecka menacing. I can't let them near the treefort.

Finn: It looks like this is the path they'll follow...

[Finn exits. Music resumes to normal speed. The game traces the bloon path by dotting a series of green arrows on the rock path from the left edge of the screen, turning orange and finally red as they get closer to the tree fort on the right.]

Finn (left): [worried face] Still no sign of Jake. Guess it's up to me to hold them off.

[Finn exits. Music resumes normal. The game pinpoints a location just north of the rock path before its first bend as a green target on the ground with green aura pulsating inward. A right hand resembling Finn's makes the motion of tapping and dragging Finn's avatar onto the target.]

[Player drags Finn, who appears to be facing the player sideways while holding his sword, with a dark gray (orange-red if not on the target) semi-transparent circle underneath him (known as his range), out of the Characters menu and onto the target. (Meanwhile, the Characters heading switches to Finn's info card (info icon on top right), with Finn's head on the right, his name on the top left, a glossy yellow star with a numeral "1" on it on the bottom left, and the same grassy background shared with his avatar's. Underneath his avatar is an empty avatar.) Poof! He lands. His avatar now has a white checkmark instead of a price tag. $350 left.]

Finn (left): [smiling] I should be able to reach the Bloons from here.

Finn: Come at me, Bloons!

[Finn exits. The hand makes the tapping motion on the now glowing Play round button.]

[The player presses it. It changes to a fast forward button. On the bottom left corner, BMO slides out from the left edge of the screen facing the player, with two hands on two black sticks that hold a white rectangular sign above their head that reads "Round:" on the first row and a larger "1" on the second. They bend slightly rightward, make an open-mouthed smile, and slide back in.][25 Red Bloons walk the rock path from the left. Finn cuts them all with ease, two at a time, gaining $1 for every bloon he pops. $101 is rewarded after that. There is now $476.]

[The cash counter is highlighted.]

Finn (left): Math! I get cash for popping Bloons.

Finn: Time for an upgrade.

[Finn exits. Music resumes normal. The hand seems to be tapping on Finn. The player selects him. He waves his left hand.]

[His upgrade menu slides out from the right edge, stating his target priority set to First, 25 damage dealt, available upgrades (descending in the following order: Radder, Faster ($200); Limber Limbs ($150); Swordplayer ($150); and Right in the Glubs ($450)) jumping out from the right, and sell value of $210. His range is visible again.]

[The "Radder, Faster" upgrade button is highlighted]

Finn (left): This rad upgrade will allow me to attack faster. The Bloons don't stand a chance.

[Finn exits. Music resumes normal. The hand is tapping on said upgrade. Player presses it.]

[Once pressed, $200 is spent, and a beam of light shoots upward from where Finn's standing with a twinkling sound. The "Radder, Faster" upgrade makes a starry "explosion" and hides to the right, with "Raddest, Fastest" upgrade ($250) sliding in place of it. Another upgrade on the very bottom appears, but it "Needs Princess Bubblegum nearby!" and is currently locked. Finn's sell value is now $350. The upgrade menu slides back in.]

Finn (left): [with both hands, holds sword in front of him as if talking to it] Yeah! Feel my POWER!

[Finn exits. The hand is tapping the Play round button. Player presses it. BMO comes back, but with the sign's text changed to "Round: 2". The round counter also displays "2/5".]

[30 red bloons approach him, followed by 3 faster blue bloons. Finn clears all the reds, then slices the blues twice each, turning them red and then nothing. $414 cash]

Finn (left): [sword in right hand, smiling] Too easy! Bring on the next wave.

[Finn exits. The hand taps on Play round button. Player presses it. BMO shows "Round: 3", and the round counter displays "3/5".]

[76 red bloons now get a little closer to each other, with 7 blue bloons inserting in between. A few slip past Finn's sword and are still following the path to the tree fort. Finn and the bloons all stop moving.]

Finn (left): [both hands on his hat as he looks around, nervous] Oh zang! They're heading for the tree fort.

Max (right): [hands on sides] Looks like you could use some help!

[They exit. Max the monkey, whose avatar shows him holding a black dart with a red tail in his right hand, now appears alongside Finn in the Characters menu, with the same grassy background and the same price tag of $300. Finn's info card switches back to the "Characters" heading card. The hand now taps and drags Max's avatar onto a new target, marked just to the left of a sword with its blade stuck on the ground.]

[Player selects Max's avatar. Max's info card shows his name, his head, a grassy background, and a star with the "1" numeral on it. When his avatar is dragged out of the menu, he is facing the player and, true to his avatar, does hold a dart in his right hand. He also seems to have a larger range than Finn's. When player places him down on the target, he says his placement catchphrase, and his avatar gets a checkmark. Everything begins moving again.]

[By throwing his darts, Max pops the few bloons that try to sneak through. Finn makes sure the reds that are still coming don't get near Max. $303 cash]

[Finn (left) and Max (right, normal) appear]

Finn: [smiling] Whoa, who the toots are you?

[Finn stops smiling]

Max: [hands on sides] Name's Max, I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to popping Bloons.

[The hearts counter is highlighted]

Max: Keep an eye on the health gauge up there.

Max: Bloons that slip past you will cost you some lives. If you hit zero, the Bloons win.

Max: Let's make sure that doesn't happen.

[They exit. Player presses the Play round button. Round 4]

[A wave of blues? Got 'em. And then some neatly spaced reds? Same. More blues are coming, now with smaller spacing. Finn is about to let one or two go, but Max cleans up for him. Funnily enough, they are facing each other. $487 cash]

[Finn (left) and Max (right, normal) appear]

Finn: [smiling] Dude! You really are an expert.

Max: [hands on sides] I'm just warming up. Watch this!

[The hand is tapping Max. Player selects him, and he looks up and waves his left hand. His range is shown. According to his upgrade menu, he is also set to First, has popped a few bloons, has two available upgrades (Sharp Darts ($200) and Long Range ($150)), and sells for $210. The hand is tapping the Long Range upgrade button. Player presses it, and Max's range grows a little bigger as a beam of light projects from him. Two more upgrades are shown (Enhanced Range ($350) and Fast Throw ($800)). Max now sells for $315. The upgrade menu closes.]

Max (right): [normal] Now I can hit the Bloons from further away.

[Max exits. Player presses Next round to start Round 5.]

[Finn handles an onslaught of reds and blues. There are 3 greens left. Finn stops the last two, but one gets away from him. Thankfully Max catches it. $541 cash]

Max (right): [hands on sides] That seems to be the last of them for now.

[Level Complete]


  • In the Adventure Time series, the Tree Fort (or Tree House) is home to Finn, Jake, BMO and Neptr.
  • During the tutorial, Max's name is already revealed before he introduces his name. It could have been "???" until after he says his name, but the game may have intentionally spoiled it to make him less mysterious as a main character.
  • Since there were no bloons leaked for 3 rounds since Round 1, by the time Max warns Finn about the hearts counter, even if the player theoretically was to sell both of them, the bloons from Rounds 4 and 5 (179 RBE total) would still only reduce the amount of lives down to 21, thereby allowing the player win anyway.
  • There is a pond in this map, which possibly demonstrates the availability of water areas for water towers to place on in later maps.
  • This is the only map where only Normal Difficulty may be played normally.
    • Interestingly, this map could be played on other difficulties during the Hall-Ooo-Ween 2018 event, since all maps can be played in rotation to play on any difficulty regardless of whether the map could play such difficulty.
      • However, the same amount of XP would be earned regardless of difficulty.