What mysterious treasure will they unlock? Has chance of dropping a treasure chest when MOABs are destroyed
~ BATTD description
Treasure Chest Keys

Treasure Chest Keys is a Super Rare Trinket. It allows the equipped character to have a small chance of earning a large bounty after destroying any MOAB-class bloon. This bounty comes in the form a collectible chest; upon collection it can reward either the following: in-game cash, Coins, Gems, or a Wish Orb.


Treasure Chest Keys is a keychain consisting of three spooky-looking keys.


Every time a MOAB-class bloon is popped by a character that has equipped with Treasure Chest Keys, there is a specific chance of earning a treasure chest:

  • MOAB - 1% chance
  • BFB and DDT - 5% chance
  • ZOMG and BAD - 10% chance

Once earning a treasure chest, it again has a specific chance of rewarding one prize per chest:

  • $1000-$1500 in-game cash - 50% chance
  • 100-500 Coins - 30% chance
  • 10-40 Gems - 10% chance
  • Common Wish Orb - 7% chance
  • Uncommon Wish Orb - 2.25% chance
  • Rare Wish Orb - 0.5% chance
  • Super Rare Wish Orb - 0.2% chance
  • Epic Wish Orb - 0.05% chance

Specific bounties have been found in this official link from the official Bloons Adventure Time TD Facebook account.


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