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What mysterious treasure will they unlock? Has chance of dropping a treasure chest when MOABs are destroyed.
~ BATTD description

Treasure Chest Keys (also called TCK) are a Super Rare Trinket. It allows the equipped character to have a small chance of earning a large bounty after dealing the last hit on any MOAB-class bloon. This bounty comes in the form a collectible chest; upon collection it can reward either the following: in-game cash, Coins, Gems, or a Wish Orb.


Treasure Chest Keys is a dark grey key ring with five dark grey keys, with the rightmost key tilted rightward and the key just the left of it tilted leftward.


Every time a MOAB-class bloon is popped by a character that has equipped with Treasure Chest Keys, there is a specific chance of earning a treasure chest:

Once earning a treasure chest, it again has a specific chance of rewarding one of the following items per chest:

  • $1000-$1500 in-game cash - 50% chance
  • 100-500 Coins - 30% chance^
  • 10-40 Gems - 10% chance^
  • Common Wish Orb - 7% chance^
  • Uncommon Wish Orb - 2.25% chance^
  • Rare Wish Orb - 0.5% chance^
  • Super Rare Wish Orb - 0.2% chance^
  • Epic Wish Orb - 0.05% chance^

Specific bounties have been found in this official link from the official Bloons Adventure Time TD Facebook account.

^Once the limit is reached in a single game, Treasure Chest Keys will stop dropping those items only.

Those limits are:

  • 3000 coins
  • 100 gems
  • 30 wish orbs (including expired drops from TCW)


  • Unlike the Thought Cannon Wand, Treasure Chest Keys can generate coins and gems. It is therefore advised that this trinket is equipped if you are low on these and want to stock up on them quickly, as their wish orb generation is negligible compared to TCW. If both of these are equipped on one character, the effects are stacked.
    • To have an optimized balance of Gems and Orbs, place TCK on characters that can handle the bigger MOAB-class bloons, and then have the TCW users (i.e. FP, Ice King (can't without Ice Bolts upgrade), and/or Sam) handle the weaker MOAB-class bloons.
  • During any Martian Games event with the Send in the Clones rule, since a character's item's effects are applied to all of their clones, equip TCK to the hero you are using for the game so the attacks from multiple copies of them can cause MOABs to drop loot as if one character with TCW is attacking them. The allies don't have to steal the pops as much compared to regular games. Keep in mind that the loot generation cap still applies to the Martian Games the same way it does to regular games in addition to the $10,000 cap per round.

Version History[]

  • NERF There is now a cap of 30 Wish Orbs, 3000 Coins, and 100 Gems that can be spawned in a single game from Treasure Chest Keys. Once the cap is reached, these items will only spawn in-game cash for the rest of that game. (until player left the current game, where playing a new game will reset the production cap).