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... Speaking of Monkey Money, for those more awesome fans that log in everyday, now you'll earn 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x from the Daily Rewards Chest for logging in multiple times in a row. Logging in 7+ times in a row earns 5x Daily Rewards, which is up to Monkey Dollar100 just for logging in!
~ Part of a quote from the July 12th 2012 update.

Bloons TD 5Edit

On Jan 19, 2012, an update occurred for Bloons Tower Defense 5 that added a Treasure Chest (Money Chest in Bloons TD 5 Mobile) on the main screen in the game. The treasure chest can also be found in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe and Bloons TD 5 Mobile. The player can click the treasure chest once a day. On Flash, it gives the player some free Monkey Money every day. Since update on Jul 12, 2012, the amount of Monkey Money is usually between $10 and $20 (used to be between $9 and $15) and also logging in 2 days in a row earns 2× daily rewards, 3 & 4 days in a row earns 3×, 5 & 6 days in a row earns 4×, and 7+ days in a row earns 5× daily rewards. The Money Chest resets at midnight (0:00 or 12:00 a.m.) (GMT/UTC) on the web version. Upon opening the chest, a white text will pop up that says "COME BACK EVERYDAY!".


If you play a game and the treasure chest updates while you are playing and you go back to the main screen, the treasure chest will be opened and you will see the chest is showing Monkey Dollar999 with a stack of cash at the bottom. Clicking on the chest will give a player tomorrow's Monkey Money, but the player won't be able to open the chest the next day.

Also, occasionally a glitch will occur which causes the player to logout every time they try to open the chest. This is usually fixed by switching computers, and doing so will increase the number of days in a row by one.

Bloons TD 5 MobileEdit

On Bloons TD 5 Mobile, as of July 29, 2016, the chest gives a wide variety of rewards, including double Monkey Money (provided for 3 days), free Towers, Special Agents, Tokens, and Monkey Money. When the chest is opened, rewards are shown for the next 4 days, as well as what was earned on the current day. Rewards are stated in the following chart:

Day # Reward
1 Bloonberry Bush
2 Monkey Dollar50
3 Super Monkey Storm
4 Spike Factory
5 Monkey Dollar100
6 Tribal Turtle
7 Token3
8 Monkey Ace
9 Radadactyl
10 Monkey Dollar250
11 Beekeeper
12 Monkey Farmer
13 Monkey Apprentice
14 Super Monkey Storm
15 Monkey Dollar400
16 20× stack of Road Spikes
17 Bloonberry Bush
18 Heli Pilot
19 Ninja Monkey, 1× Bomb Tower
20 Monkey Dollar250, Token3
21 Bloonsday Device
22 Banana Farm
23 Radadactyl
24 Beekeeper
25 Monkey Dollar400
26 Monkey Village
27 Ninja Monkey
28 Bloonsday Device
29 Token3
30 Double Monkey Money
31 Super Monkey
32 Tribal Turtle, 1× Angry Squirrel, 1× Bloonberry Bush
33 Monkey Dollar400
34 Monkey Buccaneer, 1× Monkey Sub
35 50× stack of Road Spikes
36 Monkey Ace, 1× Heli Pilot
37 Super Monkey Storm
38 Monkey Engineer, 1× Bloonchipper
39 Monkey Farmer
40 Monkey Dollar400
41 Tack Shooter, 1× Spike Factory
42 Token3
43 Boomerang Thrower, 1× Ninja Monkey
44 Bloonberry Bush
45 Double Monkey Money
46 Ice Tower, 2× Glue Gunner
47 Radadactyl
48 Sniper Monkey, 1× Mortar Tower
49 Dartling Gun
50 Monkey Dollar400
51 Beekeeper
52 Monkey Village, 1× Banana Farm
53 50× Exploding Pineapple
54 Bloonchipper
55 Super Monkey
56 Ninja Monkey
57 Bloonsday Device
58 Monkey Dollar400
59 Token3
60 Double Monkey Money

When the day 60 is reached, rewards repeat from day 30 (60 = 30, 61 = 31, 62 = 32, etc.)

Bloons TD 6Edit

In BTD6, the Treasure Chest has been released ever since the game's beta release to the top YouTubers of Bloons TD, a few days before the official release. As of Version 11.0, the entire Treasure Chest system has been modified entirely, with better rewards to entice players coming back.

Day # Reward
1 BloonjaminsIcon50
2 Cash Drop
3 Tier 1 Insta Monkey
4 BloonjaminsIcon55
5 Road Spikes
6 Tier 1 Insta Monkey
7 Monkey Boost
8 BloonjaminsIcon60
9 Tier 1 Insta Monkey
10 Banana Farmer
11 BloonjaminsIcon65
12 MOAB Mine
13 Tier 1 Insta Monkey
14 BloonjaminsIcon70
15 Portable Lake
16 Tier 1 Insta Monkey
17 Super Monkey Storm
18 BloonjaminsIcon80
19 Tier 2 Insta Monkey
20 Pontoon
21 BloonjaminsIcon90
22 Camo Trap
23 Tier 2 Insta Monkey
24 BloonjaminsIcon100
25 Energizing Totem
26 Tier 2 Insta Monkey
27 Thrive
28 BloonjaminsIcon120
29 Time Stop
30 Tier 2 Insta Monkey
31 Glue Trap
32 BloonjaminsIcon150
33 Tech Bot
34 BloonjaminsIcon200
35 Tier 3 Insta Monkey

When the day 36 is reached, rewards repeat from day 1 (36 = 1, 37 = 2, 38 = 3, etc.)


BTD5 and BTD5 MobileEdit



  • Sometimes you can collect the next consecutive day's free Monkey Money by refreshing the game and then clicking on the treasure chest. This only depends if you play it after 24 hours from the previous day's free Monkey Money.
  • The player can collect his/her next day's Monkey Money after 00:00 UTC. Thus one can earn their daily Monkey Money at 23:55 UTC and then the next day's one at 00:05 UTC. However, this does not mean that one can repetitively collect Monkey Money within a short timeframe.

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