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There's treasure in these lands - sometimes piles of City Cash and Bloonstones, but if you're really lucky you may find a special item. Look for land that has a gold chest on it, and capture that land to get the chest.
~ "Treasure Chest" Quest description
We can't just leave all those bits of treasure lying around. Gather as many as you can. Collect at least 3.
~ "Treasure Raider" Quest description
BMC Treasure Chest

A Treasure Chest Grass TIle

Treasure chest reward with two packs

A lucky player receiving a Monkey Knowledge Pack and an Ancient Pack, plus City cash2400

A Treasure Chest is an item placed on some tiles in Bloons Monkey City. These tiles can be in any terrain and will be covered with a chest. Upon completion of these special tiles, the player will get a normal reward for completing the tile plus a boosted reward from the treasure chest. It can contain a large variety of rewards such as Monkey Knowledge Packs, City Cash, Bloonstones, and Special Items that can boost the player's city no matter what level it is.



  • Treasure Chests can contain Special Items that can be obtained from Special Missions.
  • Some Special Items can only be obtained via the Treasure Chest.
  • There are several quests that require obtaining a certain number of Treasure Chests.
  • There at least 20 Treasure Chests in every city.
  • There is guaranteed a Monkey Knowledge Pack from any treasure chest you collect once you hit level 12, 33% chance of getting a second, and a 10% chance of getting an Ancient Pack.
  • Treasure chests do not appear on water tiles.
  • It is possible to have Treasure Chests right near other Treasure Chests but it is very rare, and this chance is dependent on how the city is constructed in the first place.
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