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A place to learn focus and perception. Pass this mission using only Dart Monkeys, Ninja Monkeys, and Sniper Monkeys against rounds where all bloons are camo. $500 additional starting cash.
~ Special Mission Rules

Tranquil Glade is a Special Mission in Bloons Monkey City. Only Dart Monkeys, Ninja Monkeys, and Sniper Monkeys are allowed. To win, the player has to beat 22 rounds where all Bloons are Camo Bloons (similarly to Covert Pops in Bloons TD 5) with an additional 500 cash to start. The tile itself has the appearance of a few trees, and a bunny hopping around. MOAB-class bloons do not appear in this mission. Upon completion, the player gets 500 XP; City Cash1000(on flash, completing awards City Cash6000); and most importantly, the Ninja Scroll Special Item, which gives Ninja Monkeys +5% attack speed, is rewarded. Only one Tranquil Glade mission will appear on each map. The highest ranked bloon in this mission is the ceramic bloon.


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  • It is possible to see non-Camo Bloons by using the Anti-Camo Dust, but this will not help Ninja Monkeys, unless the player has level 4 or higher on Activated Ability Knowledge, granting the Ninja extra pierce.
  • This Special Mission is similar to the BTD5 Special Mission Covert Pops, as all the bloons are Camo Bloons.
  • In BMC Mobile, you can place a Monkey Farmer during this mission, even though it won't do anything, as Banana Farms cannot be used.
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