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The Bloons are not messing around on this one! A map so tough, so brutal, it can only be called EXTREME! For the first time ever, we're adding an all new Extreme difficulty map: Toxic Waste. Four incredibly short paths that only the most skilled monkeys will be able to defend. Luckily, it takes more than some off-color water to scare your subs and buccaneers. And lets face it, you're going to need all the help you can get!
~ Update 3.25 Description

Toxic Waste is an Extreme Difficulty Track released on May 14th 2020 in Bloons TD 5 Mobile. It is also the first mobile-exclusive Extreme Map in the game. It is unlocked upon reaching Rank 50.


The Bloons appear from all the four pipes, and exit at the two whirlpools in the middle. The toxic water in the middle allows for Monkey Subs and Monkey Buccaneers.


Rewards Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Experience Points 50,000 XP

(100,000 if mastery)

100,000 XP

(200,000 if mastery)

150,000 XP

(300,000 if mastery)

200,000 XP

(400,000 if mastery)

BTD5 Mobile Token rewards:









  • This track has a similar theme to Spillway from Bloons TD 6. Unlike Spillway however, water towers can be placed in the toxic water. This is because the toxic water in spillway is actually all track.
  • This is the first Extreme Track to be added in BTD5 Mobile after the initial release of the other three Extreme Tracks.