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This page shows towers strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths/Weakness in Bold letters have larger impact on towers performance.

Bloons TD 5[]

Tower Strengths Weaknesses Notes
Dart Monkey Icon

Dart Monkey

Cheap Lead & Ceramic bloons. Easy access to anti-camo upgrade (i.e. Enhanced Eyesight). Spike-O-Pult' and its subsequent upgrade have greatly increased pierce and are well suited for dealing with dense swarms of bloons. Juggernaut can pop both Leads and deal big damage to Ceramics, at the cost of attack speed. Super Monkey Fan Club turns itself and 9 other nearby Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys.
Tack Shooter Icon

Tack Shooter

Cheap, Area Attack. Lead & Camo, Short Range. Tack Sprayer shoots more closely packed 16 tacks. Ring of Fire can pop Leads and creates an area of effect instead of a spray of tacks, but only does 1 damage per attack. Blade Maelstrom (ability only) can reach beyond attack radius.
Sniper Monkey Icon

Sniper Monkey

Pops multiple layers, Infinite Range. MOAB-Class & Bloon Rushes. Full Metal Jacket grants lead popping. Deadly Precision one-shots ceramics. Cripple MOAB can temporarily stun MOAB-Class. Supply Drop does not provide much damage benefit, but provides an alternate source of income, useful in Contested Territory on tiles that restrict Farms.
Boomerang Thrower Icon

Boomerang Monkey

Good Pierce, Good Range. Camo & Regrow bloons. Glaive Lord gives camo detection and has infinite pierce on the rotating glaives. Red Hot Rangs can pop lead. Bionic Boomer and its subsequent upgrade neutralizes weakness against Regrows with increased attack speed.
Ninja Monkey Icon

Ninja Monkey

Moderate Pierce, detects Camo. Lead & Regrow bloons. Seeking Shuriken allows shurikens to use their pierce to their full potential. Flash Bomb can pop lead.
Bomb Tower Icon

Bomb Shooter

High Pierce, Area Damage, Pops Lead. Regrow, Camo, Black & Fast Bloons. Frag Bombs can pop black bloons with the frags, but not the main bomb. Does not carry over to Cluster Bomb.

MOAB Mauler deals 10x damage against MOAB-Class.

Ice Tower Icon

Ice Monkey

Freezes Bloons, Area Effect. White, Camo & MOAB-Class. Absolute Zero can slow down MOAB-Class Bloons in BTD5 Mobile.

Arctic Wind and above can slow but still not freeze nor damage whites directly. Camo Bloons can be frozen via other Viral Frost frozen bloons or Absolute Zero (ability).

Glue Gunner Icon

Glue Gunner

Slows Bloons, Good Range. Camo & MOAB-Class. Corrosive Glue allows it to pop bloons & neutralize Regrow Bloons. Glue Striker (ability only) can hit camo. Can glue MOAB class in BTD Battles Mobile, starting with tier 3 upgrades, but less effective than on non-MOAB bloons.
Monkey Buccaneer Icon

Monkey Buccaneer

Great Range and Attack Speed, Good Pierce. Water Placement & Lead. Grape Shot gives Buccaneer incredible spreading popping power. Cannon Ship (bomb only). Aircraft Carrier greatly decreases its display range, but uses mini Monkey Aces to attack bloons.
Monkey Ace Icon

Monkey Ace

Moderate Pierce, Infinite Range. Inaccurate, Lead & Regrow. Neva-Miss targeting mitigates the inaccuracy issue of aces. Spectre and Ground Zero (ability) can pop any bloon type. Spectre only attacks when getting close to bloons.
Super Monkey Icon

Super Monkey

Rapid Fire, Incredible Range. Very Expensive, Camo. Laser Blasts can pop frozen and Plasma Blasts can pop lead.

Technological Terror (ability) can destroy up to BFBs.

Monkey Apprentice Icon

Monkey Apprentice

Pops Leads, Moderate Pierce. Bloon Rushes, Regrow Bloons. Summon Whirlwind and above can blow multiple bloons backward and is primarily used for regrow farms. Dragon's Breath massively increases reliability.
Monkey Village Icon

Monkey Village

Improves nearby towers in range. Expensive, Limited Attack. High Energy Beacon allows it to attack and reduce tower ability cooldowns in its range. Radar Scanner gives towers in its radius camo detection. Monkey Intelligence Bureau allows towers to damage any bloon type.
Banana Farm Icon

Banana Farm

Generates Income, very reliable. Expensive Investment, no attack. Monkey Bank and above generates money exponentially inside the building instead of dropping them as bananas or crates every round.
Mortar Tower Icon

Mortar Monkey

Infinite Range, Area Damage, Adjustable. Black & MOAB-Class bloons. Burny Stuff allows it to deal additional damage over time, including to black bloons. Signal Flare can hit camo and remove camo property. Can immobilize MOABs briefly with Artillery Battery on mobile (Pop and Awe ability).
Dartling Gun Icon

Dartling Gun

Controllable, Fast Firing, Moderate Pierce, pops Camo. Expensive, Lead bloons. Depleted Bloontonium can pop Leads. Ray of Doom shoots a solid laser beam instead of a barrage of projectiles.
Spike Factory Icon

Spike Factory

Generates and stockpiles Road Spikes, pops camo. Multiple Paths, (Fast) Bloon Rushes. Attacks by dropping spikes for bloons to run into onto the track. Spikes disappear after each round, allowing early fast bloons to charge through swiftly without much trouble. Rushes with regrow bloons that regrew many times can overwhelm Spike Factories. Spike Balls have increased durability and reliability against Ceramics (and regular bloons in general). MOAB-SHREDR Spikes deal extra damage to MOAB-class bloons. Has some trouble prioritizing two or more lanes.
Heli Pilot Icon

Heli Pilot

Controllable, Highly mobile, Moderate Pierce. Lead Bloons, Expensive. Can pop leads with Razor Rotors and Apache Dartship (missile array). Downdraft can blow back bloons (except lead and MOAB class). Support Chinook can generate lives and income, and move towers around.
Monkey Engineer Icon

Monkey Engineer

Cost & Support Efficient, Moderate Pierce, Great Range. Lead, Camo & Moab-Class Bloons. Sentry Gun upgrade deploys attacking Sentry towers that last for a limited time. Cleansing Foam can remove Camo & Regrow and pop leads but has limited pierce (infinite pierce on Flash). Bloon Trap can capture non-MOAB class bloons of any type and double their cash.
Bloonchipper Icon


Can pop most bloons, Stalling. Single Target Attack, Packed Bloons, Ceramic, Camo & MOAB-Class bloons. Can suck in ceramics by default (need Heavy Duty Suction in BTD Battles Mobile), but need to pop the ceramic layer fully to spit it out. Needs Super Wide Funnel to suck in and damage MOAB class bloons (doesn't affect Bosses, or ZOMGs in BTD Battles Mobile).

If Bloonchipper sucks certain amount of ceramics or MOAB-Class bloon it will have to finish shredding the bloon, or for MOAB Class, eject the bloon. Supa-Vac (ability) pulls bloons (also MOABs and BFBs in BTD Battles Mobile) towards itself and holds them for other towers to pop. Ignores bloons it cannot suck in, even when under MIB.

Monkey Sub Icon

Monkey Sub

Seeking Shots & Long Range. Water Placement & Lead Bloons. Advanced Intel, combined with other towers on the map, allows it to have almost infinite range. Can be combined with camo seeing towers for camo detection, but does not have camo detection itself. Submerge and Support (when submerged) can remove camo. Bloontonium Reactor (when submerged) and Ballistic Missile (missile only) can pop leads and has unlimited range. First Strike Capability (ability) can take out one ZOMG.

Bloons TD 6[]

Tower Strengths Weaknesses Notable upgrades
Dart Monkey-0
Dart Monkey
Cheap Lead & Ceramic bloons. Comes with the lowest-cost early-game upgrades in the game.
  • Spike-o-pult is a high pierce tower well suited for swarms of bloons.
  • Juggernaut can pop both Leads and deal damage to Ceramics.
  • Sharp Shooter with its "Critical" hits deal 50 damage each, enough to an destroy entire ceramic and deal large damage to MOAB-Class Bloons
BTD6 Boomerang Monkey
Boomerang Monkey
Moderate Pierce, Good Range. Camo & Regrow bloons. Switch Hands switches the curve boomerang is traveling, and has good pierce for its price.
  • Glaive Richochet allows it to attack outside its range via Glaive Ricocheting from bloon to bloon and greatly increases pierce.
  • Bionic Boomerang greatly increases his attack speed & Red hot rangs allows it to pop Lead Bloons aswell as dealing +1 damage.
  • Kylie Boomerangs can rehit the same bloons.
Bomb Shooter
Bomb Shooter
Area Damage, High Pierce, Pops Lead. Black, Camo, Regrow & Spaced Bloons.
  • Heavy Bombs allows it to deal strong explosions dealing 2 damage.
  • MOAB-Mauler are a cost-efficient upgrade against MOABs with its +15 damage missiles against them.
  • Frag Bombs allows bomb shooter to pop Black Bloons with its frags.
  • (Recursive) Cluster Bombs affects a very large area and has good pierce.

Any Tier 5 upgrade allows the Bomb Shooter to affect Black Bloons by default.

Tack Shooter
Cheap, Area Attack. Lead & Camo, Short Range.
  • Can counter Lead bloons starting with Hot Shots and can counter many grouped bloons with Ring of Fire.
  • (Super) Blade Maelstrom ability blades have extremely high pierce, allowing it to pop huge amount of bloons with a short cooldown.
  • Can deal good damage to Moab Class bloons with path 3 upgrades.
Ice Monkey
Ice Monkey
Freezes Bloons, Area Effect. White, Camo, Ceramic & MOAB-Class. Frozen Bloons are immune to sharp projectiles.
  • Naturally effective against most bloon types with exclusion of Lead, Camo (Without Cold Snap) & White Bloons
  • Embrittlement allows affected bloons to permanently lose Camo & Regrow property, temporarily take extra damage and become vulnerable to all damage sources, allowing lead property bloons to be hit by sharp attacks.
  • Deep Freeze and Re-Freeze allows the tower to near permanently stall bloons.
  • Cryo Cannon increases Ice Monkeys Range and Speed but no longer freeze bloons nearby.

Ice Monkeys below tier 3 freeze Ceramic bloons for half the duration.

Can directly affect MOAB-class starting with tier 4 upgrade.

Glue Gunner
Slows Bloons, Good Range. Camo & MOAB-Class.
Sniper Monkey
Pops multiple layers, Infinite Range. Bloon Rushes, MOAB-Class, Line of Sight.
Monkey Sub
Seeking Shots & Good Range. Water Placement & Lead Bloons.
Monkey Buccaneer
Great Range, Moderate Pierce. Water Placement, Lead Bloons.
  • Can generate extra income starting with Merchantman upgrade.
BTD6 Monkey Ace
Monkey Ace
Moderate Pierce, High Ground. Inaccurate, Lead & Regrow.
  • Fighter Plane missiles have moderate pierce and deal moderate damage to Moabs.
  • Bomber Ace pops Leads somewhat reliably but requires track to make use of its lead-popping.
  • Neva-Miss targeting mitigates the inaccuracy issue.
BTD6 Heli Pilot
Heli Pilot
Controllable, Moderate Pierce, High Ground. Lead Bloons, Expensive.
  • Razor Rotors can pop Leads and Frozen.
  • Downdraft can push back Bloons under it back. Support Chinook gains the ability to relocate towers around the map and generate some income and lives.
  • MOAB Shove can push or slow MOAB-Class Bloons.
Mortar Monkey BTD6
Mortar Monkey
High Ground, Pops multiple Layers & Pierce, Area Damage, Adjustable. Black & MOAB-Class bloons.
  • Pops Black and deals greater MOAB-class, Fortified, Ceramic damage with Heavy Shells. although still insufficient against MOABs.
  • Deals additional damage over time with Burny Stuff.
    • Napalm burn speed is increased with upper path 1 upgrades starting with Shell Shock.
Dartling Gunner
Controllable & Adjustable Fast Firing, Moderate Pierce. Lead Bloons, Line of Sight, Expensive.
Wizard Monkey
Pops Frozen, Moderate Pierce. Purple Bloons. Can pop Lead with Fireball or with any Tier 4 upgrade.

Path 1 upgrades starting with Arcane Mastery increases attack speed and range of Wizard.

Arcane Spike allows Wizard to deal very high damage to MOAB-Class bloons. Wall of Fire is a reliable source of grouped bloon popping.

Necromancer can dynamically adjust power according to numbers of bloons popped nearby.

Super Monkey
Rapid Fire, Incredible Range. Very Expensive
Ninja Monkey
Moderate Pierce, detects Camo. Lead Bloons
Pops lead, Moderate Pierce, Damage Over Time, High Ground. Camo Bloons, slow attack speed.
Druid Monkey
Multi Projectile attack. Camo, Lead & Low Pierce.
Banana Farm
Generates Income, Very Reliable. Expensive Investment. Contains many upgrades for both efficient income production and effective income usability.
BTD6 Spike Factory
Spike Factory
Generates Road Spikes, Stockpiling, High Ground. Multiple Paths, (Fast) Bloon Rushes, expensive.
  • Spiked Balls increases spike damage and pierce aswell as group popping power with Spiked Mines.
  • Spike Storm with Smart Spikes allows targeting of active lanes.
  • Can partially adjust to multiple paths with Smart Spikes and temporarily increase its dispensing speed by 4x for 3s at start of Round.
  • Its stockpilling potential is further enhanced with Path 3 upgrades starting with Long Life Spikes.
Monkey Village
Improves nearby towers in range. Expensive, (Upper Path 1) buffs only affect primary monkeys.
Engineer Monkey
Large Track Coverage, Moderate Pierce. Lead, Camo & MOAB-Class Bloons.
  • Sentry Gun allows engineer to place Sentries for additional popping power.
    • Sentry Champion can deal excellent damage against MOAB Class, and scale well with debuffs against bosses.
  • Deconstruction gives extra damage against Moab Class & Fortified Bloons (even for Sentries).
  • Cleansing Foam can remove Camo & Regrow and pop leads.
  • Larger Service Area allows "Smart" targeting for Bloon Trap. XXXL Trap produces XXXL Traps nearly twice as slow as Faster Engineering, but is a drawback that can be mitigated through buffs.
  • Bloon Trap can instapop bloons, and XXXL Trap can absorb MOAB-Class, and all bloons caught provide double the income.

Beast Handler

Cheap, Large Track Coverage, High Ground multiple paths, Camo & Lead Bloons, huge investment
  • Beast Handlers that is assisted with another Beast Handlers can be relocated to Assisting Beast Handler's range if near the Leader one.
  • Adasaurus allows popping of Lead Bloons
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex requires 43 power to 1-shot non-fortified Super Ceramics, and can also be used for its ability to briefly stun MOAB-Class bloons.
  • Birds can attack and move freely with connected beast handlers regardless of how far they are.
    • Birds can redirect bloons to another track on multi lane maps. Golden Eagle at max power can grab MOABs.


High Ground: Tower's range isn't obstructed by Line of Sight restrictions.

  • Note: Wizard Monkey's Guided Magic upgrade adds "High Ground" perk, which allows it to see & cast its projectiles through obstacles.