Transforms five Monkeys nearby into crazy attack monsters for 20 seconds.
~ BTD6 upgrade description

Total Transformation is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Alchemist. It allows the ability to affect an additional 5 other monkey-based towers into vicious attack monsters that deal massive damage, but cannot pop Purple Bloons. Additionally, the ability no longer undergoes an initial cooldown prior to initial use upon upgrading.

It costs $38,250 on Easy, $45,000 on Medium, $48,600 on Hard and $54,000 on Impoppable.

When this upgrade is purchased, the Alchemist undergoes a large visual change. The Alchemist is permanently transformed into a monster (note that this change is purely visual and the Alchemist will not attack like when its ability is in use) and the Alchemist's coat is further ripped, removing the sleeves. When the ability is activated, both the googles and the coat are removed.

The ability lasts 20 seconds with a cooldown of 40 seconds. Additionally, there is no initial cooldown for it.

Monster PotencyEdit

Only monkey-based towers may be affected by Total Transformation, up to Tier-3. The towers completely unaffected by Total Transformation are:

The monsterized versions of the towers do not inherit extra range; instead, they will have a fixed amount of large but limited range. Affected towers cannot inherit the power to pop Purples, regardless of whether they can originally pop Purples or not. Affected towers also do not inherit camo detection from the original towers, and require external camo detection such as from Radar Scanner in order to pop camo bloons. Any towers that are affected cannot be upgraded until the ability ends.


  • Crosspathing does not matter much for Total Transformation, as its ability is unaffected by crosspaths. However, for its other attacks, specifically the Unstable Concoction attack, crosspath with Path 1 for the higher splash radius and popping power.
  • Pair it with transformed Druid of Wraths supported by Poplusts, as the attack speed bonuses provided by the Druid of Wrath and Poplust effects stack with the attack monster forms.
  • Total Transformation can also be paired with transformed Shinobi Tactics, as the attack speed and pierce bonuses granted by other Shinobis can stack with the attack monster forms.

Version HistoryEdit


Nerf Total Transformation no longer changes footprint size of towers transformed, preventing Super Monkeys from being draggable onto Carrier Flagships.


Buff Total Transformation price reduced from $50,000 → $45,000


Buff Total Transformation cooldown reduced (60s --> 40s)


Nerf x5x Total Transformation will no longer allow the transformed Monster Monkeys to stack with other buffs (Mainly removes the combo with Plasma Monkey Fan Club)


Nerf x5x Total Transformation no longer stacks with Super Monkey Fan Club


Nerf Sniper Monkeys no longer have infinite range when transformed by Total Transformation



  • Prior to version 11.0, the Total Transformation ability could be overridden by other transformation abilities such as SMFC and PMFC; it was useful to use them outside of each other.
    • It was possible to transform PMFC Plasma Monkeys to make incredibly powerful monsters that destroy bloons. This was due to the fact that the game believed that they are both Alchemist Monsters and Plasma Monkeys multiplying fire rate of the Alchemist Monster and the Plasma Monkeys while also having the damage of the Alchemist Monster AND Plasma Monkey at the same time. This combo also worked with virtually anymore buff in the game.
      • It had been confirmed by Ninja Kiwi that this was a bug but later deemed to be intended. In version 11.0 the Alchemist Monster no longer stack with other buffs, removing the combo. However, the combo with Super Monkey Fan Club still worked until version 12.0.
  • A transformed attack monster always has the footprint of an Alchemist.
    • This means that a transformed Super Monkey can fit on a Carrier Flagship if a Support Chinook moves it on, and the Super Monkey will stay on the Flagship even when the ability wears off. This has been patched in version 3.0.
  • After Version 8.0, when all farming-only abilities (including Tier 5 upgrades in this case) are required to undergo a full initial cooldown duration, the Total Transformation ability is one of four abilities that, when bought, has the cooldown up immediately. The others are Pirate Lord, MOAB Eliminator, and Absolute Zero.
    • However, Total Transformation is the only tower upgrade to do so regardless of whether the prior Tier 4 ability was in cooldown or not.
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