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Tiny Manticore is a Super Rare Ally. He is a flying ally that initially shoots boomerangs but can be upgraded to shoot a stream of constant flame. He has four unique settings: Follow Touch, Pursuit, Patrol, and Lock in Place. He costs $840 on all difficulties.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Sharper Rangs - $250 - Boomerangs have increased pierce
    • Two boomerangs - $400 - Double the boomerangs means twice the attack speed
      • Flamethrower- $1500 - A continuous blast of fiery death

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tiny Manticore is one of the only flying allies in the game, the other being Ghost Princess.
  • There is a bug where Tiny Manticore's boomerangs cannot pop Purple Bloons despite the fact that the boomerangs are neither magic nor fire. This may be because the final "Flamethrower" upgrade is considered a fire attack.
  • there is a bug that causes various projectiles, road items, and pickups to rotate based on the rotation of Tiny Manticore. This can cause projectiles to veer off course. (Needs further testing)
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