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Everyone deserves a second chance! Revives you completely when you lose!
~ BATTD description

The Time Travel Machine (for more information, see Time travel machine) is an Epic trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. When the trinket is equipped to any character in the party (doesn't have to be on the battlefield), it restarts the round that you lose on after losing all your lives without paying any coins. This trinket only works once per game. (Special note: this trinket will not reset round 75 on Impoppable)




This trinket serves best when the player is in a mid-game round with many lives lost and lets just enough bloons leak to cause a game over (but only so much as to survive if the player has the original amount of starting lives), allowing the player to restart the round (without spending 1,000 coins to continue or using a revive power) with starting lives and tank the same amount of leaked bloons again to survive. Otherwise, the power Ancient Sleeping Magi of Lifegiving may be better since it revives the player while giving them more in-game cash to spend on strengthening the defense. TTM also allows the selling of Finn or PB while Royal Promise is active a single time during any round on Impoppable (except Round 75).

Version History[]


  • NERFcan no longer stack. It will only trigger once no matter how many characters have it equipped.



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