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If sometimes things just move too quickly, use Time Stop to briefly halt all action so you can focus on managing your monkeys.
~ Bloons TD 6 Description

Time Stop is a Power in Bloons TD 6. It temporarily slows down the all bloons and towers on screen for 10 seconds. Bloons , including BADs and Boss Bloons, will move at 10% speed, whereas non-paragon towers attack at 30% speed.

Before the 11.0 update, everything on screen would stop moving (this includes bloons AND towers). However, both of these versions of Time Stop will offer the player additional breathing time in order to change defenses. In effect, aside from game mechanic gameplay, an active Time Stop allows players to reduce stress levels temporarily and minimize the amount of excessive lag-causing calculations in the game. Time Stop can also be used to speed up cooldowns of activated abilities.

Each Time Stop costs BloonjaminsIcon50.

Behaviors and Interactions[]

Time Stop slows all bloons and most towers on screen. Keyword to the phrase "most towers". General behaviors and interactions with Time Stop:

  • Most towers attack 30% slower (with exceptions, as below)
  • Projectiles(?) move 30% slower
  • All abilities refresh at the same, non-slowed rate.
  • The bloons will still enter the map at the same, non-slowed rate.

The following special behaviors and interactions with Time Stop are as follows:

  • All Paragons are not slowed by Time Stop.
  • Spike Storm ability's dispersal rate and duration remains the same
  • Carpet of Spikes passive ability's and active ability's dispersal rates and durations remain the same



Time Stop is mainly used for buying time on Co-Op or clumping powerful blimps together, but it also provides user benefits in the form of letting time move slower. Cooldowns refresh faster, all bloons become much slower than the reduced speed towers (or equal for BADs and Bosses), among other benefits both in-game and for the player. It can be useful in extreme late-game play when attempting to minimize lag on a device by performing extreme calculations at a slower pace.


  • In practical gameplay, this is best used against DDTs to clump them up and later chain with other attacks later on. Both Activated Abilities involving instant use and Super Monkey Storms perform best in combination with Time Stop's DDT clumping.
  • Activated Abilities are not affected by the speed penalty of Time Stop, which in effect recharges them faster.
  • Paragons do not appear to be affected by the speed penalty of Time Stop, which basically give them a large buff.


When activating a Time Stop:

Version History[]

In preparation for Co-Op Mode, and also due to the pauses that pressing the menu button provides in normal games, Time Stop was reworked to act as a superior slowdown. However, this purpose was to be defeated in the case where BADs spawn, since they were at the time fully immune to the Time Stop's effects. Version 27.0 removed this vulnerability.

  • Change Bloons now move at 10% of their normal speed during Time Stop
  • Change Tower attack rates and move speeds are reduced to 30% of their normal rate, which overall should means they attack around 3x faster than the bloons move.
  • BUFF Tower ability cooldowns now function normally instead of fully stopping
  • NERF No longer affects B.A.D.s
As Timestop [sic] is not considered to be an actual application of 'slowing' it will now apply to all Bloon types including BAD. This is a unique case that isn't going to be changed for any Monkey Towers, just the Timestop [sic].
  • BUFF Time Stop will now slow down BADs.
  • BUFF Time Stop no longer trigger Lych drain and heal


  • For some reason, the 11.0 change made the ability no longer affect B.A.D.s, meaning that using Time Stop against a B.A.D. actually makes the defense weaker. It is unknown if this is a bug or intentional, but this shows that Time Stop is probably uses a slowing similar to Bloon Sabotage.
    • In 27.0, the Time Stop now affects B.A.D.s again.
  • The internal name for Time Stop is "DartTime". This is likely a play on "bullet time", a filming technique involving cutting frames for deliberate visual effect, and is popularized in The Matrix.
    • Version 29.0 added a Dart Time Stop skin for the Time Stop, added to the Trophy Store.
  • Time Stop's slowdown is the only movement-impairing status effect (i.e. slows, stuns, and knockbacks) from BTD6 that can affect Boss Bloons.