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Epic Loot! With this sword you could take on an infinite number of enemies.
~ BATTD description


The Thundersword is a Legendary Weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It is only available from the Dungeon Finn Premium Character Pack for $9.99 USD (price varies on country), the Martian Trader for Crystals45,000, and Legendary Wish Orbs.


Thundersword is a sky blue sword with its blade shaped like a lightning bolt.

On every fifth attack, the sword unleashes a bolt of lightning that chains from one bloon to another bloon nearby, similar to Lightning Bolt from Monkey Apprentice in BTD5 or Heart of Thunder from Druid in BTD6. The lightning uses Normal damage type, has 14 pierce, and deals the same amount of damage as the wielder's main attack.





  • It is overall a worse choice than Finn Sword or Excandybur for their respective characters, as both Finns want lots of attack speed, while Warrior PB also prefers attack speed for eco, or boosting her allies. It can be used if the player lacks a better option, though.


  • TBA