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Ben says invest everything into Bananacoin, it's going to the moon!
~ Ninja Kiwi


Invest in stonks

Description, and new in the menu

Thrive Stonks is a UI Trophy Store item. It was added on the Version 28.1 update, citing issues from Ninja Kiwi last-minute tweaking bugs relating to this Trophy Store item. It costs Trophies45 to unlock.

Activating the Thrive Stonks emote triggers a Stonks screen behind the existing Thrive animation. It shows a businessmonkey with an overall upwards graphline and a blue text of different fictional stock company abbreviations and their valuations.



Like many Trophy Store items, there is no practical strategy to using Thrive Stonks. On Co-Op Mode, however, there is some use out of this item, which adds a visual perception of high financial investments. Buy it if the visual effects of Stonks look appealing.


  • Use this for visual appeal. It adds a bit of a capitalist or financial flair to the Thrive power.



  • This skin is a direct recreation of the "Stonks" meme, created in 2017 and featuring a character known as Meme Man.
  • The description refers a fictional cryptocurrency called Bananacoin, with "to the moon" being a phrase investors use to refer to an increase in stock prices.
  • This is the only non-limited Trophy Store item that was added on a version whose secondary update does not end in 0 (i.e. 1 as in Version 28.1).
  • All of these fictional stock company abbreviations are references to towers.
    • DRT = Dart Monkey
    • BMG = Boomerang Monkey
    • BOM = Bomb Shooter
    • TKS = Tack Shooter
    • ICM = Ice Monkey
    • GLG = Glue Gunner
    • SNR = Sniper Monkey
    • MBC = Monkey Buccaneer
    • ACE = Monkey Ace
    • HLP = Heli Pilot
    • MRM = Mortar Monkey
    • DTG = Dartling Gunner
    • WZM = Wizard Monkey
    • SPM = Super Monkey
    • ALC = Alchemist
    • DRD = Druid
    • BNF = Banana Farm
    • SKF = Spike Factory
    • MVG = Monkey Village
    • ENG = Engineer Monkey
    • QNY = Quincy