• Day 1: I have seized the SCAB from the terrible bloon-popping alchemist gang. He is safe with me, but I am afraid that <page ripped>.

    What was on the ripped part of the page, and where is it?

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    • the alchemists opened some acid bottles inside the SCAB, and they are still a danger to bloons inside. (to be continued?)

      Zidžia put the ripped part of the page in Johani's backpack (last time we checked Zidžia was inside the SCAB as well), and Johani has not checked the backpack since. 

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    • Wat

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    • Another of my theories about bloons: Bloontonium is another chemical element that is not made out of just up and down quarks with electrons, and it just happens to decay to the heaviest stable element, lead, hence lead bloons coming in all the same types as regular bloons. Lead ceramic and brick bloons show weird alloy-type composition.

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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