• So when 1.0 became archived, I made this. This discussion has the same rules as the 1.0. Post new bloon ideas here!

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    • Dot Bloon:

      Looks like a white bloon with a black dot. Takes one hit to pop, and when it is popped, releases a Pink Bloon. Immune to Dart Monkeys.

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    • Strange Bloon:

      Has Lead, Camo, and Regen properties, goes from the finish to start (S to F in reverse mode.) Although it only has 5 health (marked with numbers on the bloon) it takes 1000 lives if you leak it.

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    • Orange Bloon:

      Has 4x the speed of a Red Bloon, pops into a Pink Bloon when damaged. RBE is 6.

      Black and White Bloons now includes 2 Orange Bloons, thus raising the RBE to 13. Zebra to 27, Rainbow to 55, Ceramic to 120, and MOAB to 680.

      Magenta Bloon:

      Has the effects of Purple Bloon, but moves as fast as Pink Bloon (3.5x speed). Pops into 2 Purple Bloons. RBE is 27.

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    • I.S.A.B: Speed 0.36 Health 2400 Camo, lead property (no black) Contains 6 DDTs

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    • Stone Bloon: Looks like a normal Bloon, but with orange stones around it. Piercing projectiles removes 1 layer of the stones, and damages the Bloon. Piercing projectiles won't damage Stone Lead Bloons, only take off a layer of stones, unless the projectile is capable of damaging Lead Bloons. Also, Bloonchippers cannot suck Stone Bloons unless it has the Heavy Duty Suction upgrade. A Stone Bloon takes 8 hits to be fully remove the stones. Sharp projectiles do normal damage, but other projectiles to 2X damage. This does not apply after the stones have been removed. This can also be stacked with other properties.

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    • Pinball: Not a bloon, but an enemy nonetheless. 

      HP: 10*(Round #)^2

      Speed: Pink bloon, not affected by ramping

      Whenever it hits a tower, it bounces off and the tower is stunned for 1 second. Super monkeys, ninjas, mechanical towers, all 5th tiers, aces and helis are immune to this.

      If a pinball is popped before all the bloons are popped, cash is set to 0 and lives are reduced by 10. Once all bloons pop, all pinballs disappear.

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    • (To keep this thread from becoming archived)

      Terra Bloon:

      Appears at round 70, and has 30 HP.

      It is immune to any bomb, but glaives deal 2 damage per hit. To deal with grouped Terra Bloons, use Glaive Lord. 

      It has brown rocks all around, and they disappear when this tower is damaged, revealing a gray bloon. When it is popped, it releases 2 Ceramic Bloons. There are MOAB-class bloons in Round 70, and this bloon acts like a weaker MOAB in that round.

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