• Okay, I always get 1 BFB sent at me thats been boosted once they can be sent, and I'd like to know how to counter it.

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    • Selling for a Monkey Pirates can instantly pull a whole BFB down to nothing. There is no initial cooldown for Monkey Pirates, so you can pretty much sell a bunch of towers and purchase a Monkey Pirates and then pull down the BFB near instantly.

      Super Monkey Fan Club can damage the BFB pretty easily too. The downside is that if the BFB is boosted, the Super Monkey Fan Club might not shoot fast enough to pop it and its children down in time.

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    • Yes but not everyone brings boat. Either way you should always bring a good abitlity tower (E.g. sabtoage supply lines, monkey pirates, super monkey fan club etc. ) to increase the chance you defend big rushes

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