• In one of my games I got 2 of these towers, but one of them sells for $5123 and the other sells for $4599. They both have the same upgrades, but one of them is next to a monkey town. Is this the cause of the price changing?

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    • Well, that seems a little strange. Maybe one of them has a first- or second tier upgrade while the other doesn't. Or it could be simply a glitch. We have no shortage of those here.

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    • It's because the sell price is calculated off the money you put into it- you must have constructed at least one upgrade at the 10% discount afforded by the monkey town.

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    • On the other hand, placing the Monkey Village after getting all of the upgrades will not change the sell price.

      Because the sell price is calculated by how much is spent, the sell price of a 1/0 free Dart Monkey is lower than a normal 1/0 Dart Monkey.

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