• Would you please go to my profile and tell me what you think. I'm trying to make a new layout for the tower pages.

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    • Feel free to use Thread:30891 for discussion, as it also notifies pretty much everyone.

      Personally, I prefer to use headings like


      rather than dot points and lines:

      • Heading

      If you look on other wikis, most will have headings and paragraphs, rather than dot points, for the "core content" of the page.

      I do think that the Dart Monkey page could use some cleaning up, I don't think images should be the central attention of pages, but should lean more towards decorative support of the page content.

      Another thing about the images, it would be best to keep them consistent:

      Icon Dart Monkey P1


      Apart from a bit of cleanup, I don't think the tower pages need that much revamping as of now.

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    • Since you guys have already seen the layout, I was thinking about using the same layout for all the tower pages. I really don't mind doing the work.

      Just so you know, I won't be started on the other tower pages until I get an approval

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