• I'm suggesting a new tower called the Miner Monkey.  Initial Costs:  (Easy/Med/Hard/) 600/650/700  Range: Infinite 

    Attacks by mining Rocks and flinging them down the track. The rocks actually roll DOWN the tracks, (Like a bloon going the other way) popping bloons in its way. Each rock is as fast as an blue bloon, and can pop 20 bloons each. 

    Path 1: Faster rocks  Rocks roll down the tracks faster (now as fast as a green bloon)  570/620/690 

    Radioactive rocks  Rocks containing bloontonium now pop all kinds of bloons!  900/990/1200 

    Pickaxe Rocks  Monkey Miner now wedges pickaxes to the rocks, popping an additional 25 bloons after the rock is destroyed.  1900/2400/2900 

    Moab-mauling metal  Monkey miner mines metal that does 5X damage to moab bloons. Metal also increases popping power by 10.  3500/4000/4500 

    Path 2 

    Bigger rocks  Rocks now pop 40 bloons instead of 20.  600/650/700 

    Really huge rocks  Rocks now pop a staggering 80 bloons each.  1500/2300/2800 

    Boulders of Destruction  Monkey Miner Mines up enormous boulders, with popping power of 250, enough to pop 2 ceramic bloons and more!  4200/4900/5300/ 

    Boulder factory  Ability:Takes around 1 minute to recharge, Make the monkey miner activate a factory, allowing the factory to shoot boulders at 2X the average rate.  9000/95000/10000 

    Specialty Buildings  Monkey Mine 750MM (Monkey money)  I: Decreases cost of monkey engineer and it's upgrades by 5%  II: Increases the speed of the boulders rolling down the track by 10% 1000MM  III: Rocks detonate after destroyed 1500MM  X Increases upgrades of ??? by 5% 

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