• Projects like Wikia or Wikipedia consist of people who are interested in expansion of their content, while you haven't made many main space edits, and most of your recent activity is only a spamming and trolling.

    You should choose, if you want to help us, or only spam & troll here.

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    • Bully.

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    • @Spike144:

      Hey Spike, haven't talked to you in awhile. I'm doing another stroll of the wiki, to see how things are going. Then, I come across this thread. It seems that the new Robot746 has arisen. I just have a few things to say.

      I'd like to point out that it is obvious that our mutual fiend Wackycreeper15 has no interest in contributing to the wiki, and only wishes to cause trouble. Right now, this sad excuse of a troll is making false accusations about you and I...sound familiar? Wackycreeper15's behavior is only going to get worse, so something should be done about it before it gets really irritating.

      You've already given him a final warning for his actions and yet he is still misbehaving. I'm rather interested in seeing what's going to happen to this troll.


      I'm going to state the obvious here: You deserve the block you got on BCoW and if you're going to get blocked on this wiki, you completely deserve it as well.

      On second thought...that wasn't very obvious to you, considering your lack of arguing and reasoning skills and the fact that you cannot give actual responses to people. It's pathetic how you can't take a small amount of your time to give a response that is actually relevant to the conversation.

      Your personality, behavior, and sense of humor is absolutely disgusting. It's hard to believe that you're 13. If someone mistook you as being 8 years old I wouldn't be surprised at all. I could keep ranting about how much I hate you, but I'll stop here, I've done enough.

      Don't even bother answering this. You'll just make yourself look stupid. Oh wait, you've done that several times.

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    • @Anomalous13:

      Hi man, nice to see you again.

      Wackycreeper15 was already blocked for one day, so this time it won't be more than 1 final warning. About the similarity with our Mr. Robot, I have been thinking about it too.


      I don't understand to your actions. You cry all the time, that you have a bad reputation here, however you do all what you can to decrease it even more. You probably think, that your wannabe "funny" comments make you look smarter, however you are the only one who thinks so. Also, when you are blocked somewhere, it is not much smart to start spamming users' message walls on other wiki projects, as then it is much more easy to get you blocked globally for cross-wiki spamming.

      Just to inform you, I have already reported you to Staff, after you spammed my message wall on Community Central. The fack that they haven't blocked you yet means, that you are being just watched now.

      BTW, you attempts to change the truth by your continuous lying have no purpose, as all actions done by all people are logged on projects like Wikia or Wikipedia (even removed messages & comments), so it not difficult to check the activity of anyone and see, who is truthful and who not.

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    • A Bloons Wiki contributor
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