• Can you advise about how edits to the main drop down menu can be made?  I'd to get links relating to Bloons Adventure Time TD included but can't yet see how I could do this myself.  It's an additional game with additional bloon types and additional towers. Cheers.

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    • Which main dropdown menu are you referring to? If you mean MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation, only admins can edit the top navigation dropdown menus.

      I just need a quick reminder as to what additional bloon types and towers to add to the list. I think it was Zombie Bloons and Ghost Bloons for bloons, right?

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    • That sounds like a feasible title for it.  Its the navigation with linked lists that drop down from titles/references: bloon games, bloon types, towers, miscellaneous, explore, forums,

      With Adventure time there's potentially a lot to add (as well as the ghost and zombie bloons that you rightly mentioned).  Currently under the towers menu there is a subdivision with title "Agents (BTD5)".  They'd be longer but perhaps titles like "Characters (BATTD)" and "Allies" (BATTD)" might work.  Aditionally there are also what I'd here call "effects" such as when Marceline "Raises an Army of Skeleton Archers" with her "Necromancy" ability or with other tower like effects generated by the use of "Powers" (as used in game but bought, viewed and organised from the main adventure time world map at the bottom of the screen from the menus reading  "characters powers adventures quests store").  Examples I've noted are "wolf pack" and "ice frog alarm".

      I didn't know the name ghost bloon til you mentioned it and only had the reference "Boo Hoo" as appearing in a current Martian Games reference. 

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    • I am attempting to add BATTD stuff in, but I just don't know exactly what to put in. Sorry, I am busy today and tomorrow, but I think I'll get to this discussion a little later.

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    • Whenever - The BATTD inclusion has been a long time coming and a while more won't make much difference.  Thanks for looking into this.

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