• It would be cool to have a screenshot of having all 19 (or however many) buff icons on a single Favored Trades. In my opinion, it would be a little too cumbersome to mention all the types of buff icons in words, so I believe it would be better to add an screenshot and link the types of buff icons, personally.

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    • That sounds like a better idea.

      It's going to take a lot of effort to make it show happen, though.

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    • It would take a huge coordination of players to get there. If ever you reach a casual game where there happens to be just Pat, Ben, Gwen, and Ezili, you can be sure to keep on playing until all of the others quit, and then you can finally get to the point where you can set up that screenshot with all those buffs. Just be sure that all tower types are enabled and that the mode isn't CHIMPS Mode.

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