• Dartling Gun was one of my favorite towers in BTD4 and BTD5, so I really hope it makes a comeback in BTD6. Anyways, here are my thoughts on upgrades for it (and monkey knowledge surrounding it). The Dartling Gun costs $810/$950/$1025/$1140. It shoots very fast, and each dart pops 1 bloon. It is a military class tower.

    Path 1

    Powerful Darts, $520/$600/$650/$720 - Each dart pops 2 more bloons.

    Barbed Darts, $595/$700/$755/$840 - Each dart pops 2 layers of bloon.

    Laser Cannon, $5100/$6000/$6480/$7200 - Each dart can pop 10 bloons, as well as frozen bloons.

    Ray Of Doom, $46750/$55000/$59400/$72000 - Fires a solid beam of laser with infinite pierce. Pops 1 layer of bloon per frame.

    Ray of Boom, $85000/$100000/$108000/$120000 - The laser pops 2 layers of bloon each frame. Lead bloons and DDT's explode when popped, dealing extra damage.

    Path 2

    Goggles, $215/$250/$270/$300 - Allows the Dartling Gun to hit camos and shoot 25% faster.

    Bloontonium Darts, $850/$1000/$1080/$1200 - Allows the Dartling Gun to pop all bloon types.

    Hydra Rocket Pods, $5950/$7000/$7560/$8400 - Shoots vicious little missiles with sharp tips that pop black bloons.

    Bloon Area Denial System, $17000/$20000/$21600/$24000 - Shoots 3 missiles at once. Activated Ability: Bloon Area Denial System; Shoots out 100 missiles across the map, instantly popping anything below a MOAB and dealing heavy damage to MOAB class bloons.

    MOAB Devastator, $42500/$50000/$54000/$60000 - Missles deal triple damage to MOAB class bloons. Activated Ability: MOAB Devastator; Shoots out 100 missiles across the map, instantly popping anything below a ZOMG, and deals extreme damage to ZOMG's and BAD's.

    Path 3

    Focused Firing, $215/$250/$270/$300 - Reduces the spread of the gun from 23° to 8.5°.

    Advanced Targeting, $425/$500/$540/$600 - Allows the Dartling Gun to target First, Last, Strong, Close, and Follow Touch.

    Double Gun, $765/$900/$970/$1080 - Fires 2 darts at once.

    Tag-Team, $2380/$2800/$3025/$4200 - Nearby Engineer Monkey sentries become mini Dartling Gun's that shoot very fast in a larger radius.

    Gun Commander, $17000/$20000/$21600/$24000 - All Engineer Monkey sentries on the map become mini Dartling Gun's. All Dartling Gun's on the map have 25% more pierce and 10% increased firing rate.

    Now for some Monkey Knowledge.

    Deadly Darts - Dartling Gun darts can pop 1 more bloon.

    Cheaper Guns - Dartling Guns costs 5% less. Stacks with Advanced Logistics.

    Blinding Lights - Laser Cannon has a 5% chance to stun non-MOAB class bloons hit by it. Ray of Doom has a 10% chance to stun non-MOAB class bloons hit by it. Ray of Boom has a 15% chance to stun non-MOAB class bloons and a 5% chance to stun MOABs or DDTs.

    Bloonchipper was a fun tower (though maybe not extremely effective) in BTD5, so here I am with upgrades for it in BTD6 (if it ever comes). It costs $640/$750/$810/$900 and is a support class tower.

    Path 1

    Vacuum, $340/$400/$430/$480 - Sucks in bloons twice as fast.

    Heavy Duty Blades, $380/$450/$485/$540 - Lead and Fortified bloons can be sucked in.

    Sharp Suction, $680/$800/$865/$920 - Bloons are sucked in so violently they get popped an extra time.

    Super Wide Funnel, $3825/$4500/$4860/$5400 - Super Wide Funnel allows the Bloonchipper to suck in twice as fast and suck MOAB class bloons (excluding the BAD) stalling them for a few seconds and dealing massive damage.

    MOAB Slicer, $21250/$25000/$27000/$30000 - Super shard blades slice MOABS to shreds in mere seconds, stalling all bloons that come out for a few seconds.

    Path 2

    High-Voltage Sucking, $340/$400/$430/$480 - Grants the Bloonchipper 25% more range.

    Advanced Engineering, $510/$600/$650/$720 - Decreases the time it takes to shred bloons.

    Triple Barrel, $3825/$4500/$4860/$5400 - Sucks in bloons 3x faster and shreds them 3x faster.

    Super-Vac, $5100/$6000/$6480/$7200 - Sucks in all bloons (excluding BADS and DDTs (only if not visible)). MOAB class bloons are stunned for a few seconds before returning to where they were. Non-MOAB class bloons are kept until shredded.

    World-Vac, $34000/$40000/$43200/$48000 - BFBs and below are instantly shredded, ZOMGs and BADS are heavily damaged.

    Path 3

    Intense Sucking, $410/$480/$520/$575 - Shredded bloons are stunned for a second when released.

    Advanced Programming, $850/$1000/$1080/$1200 - The Bloonchipper can detect and pop camo bloons.

    Short Circuiting, $1275/$1500/$1620/$1800 - The Bloonchipper ocassionally short circuits, releasing a blast of electricity that races across bloons dealing lots of damage.

    Chugging Chipper, $4760/$5600/$6050/$6720 - Allows the Bloonchipper to move across the map. New targeting options include; Follow Touch, Lock in Place, Patrol, and Pursuit. The Bloonchipper still has First, Last, Strong, and Close targeting priorities as well. Bloons run over by the Bloonchipper lose 1 layer per second.

    Chipper Spewer, $42500/$50000/$54000/$60000 - Every 1000 bloons popped by the Bloonchipper releases a Mini-Chipper that starts at the end of the track and rushes to the beginning, dealing 1 layer of damage to every bloon it runs over every frame.

    Now for some Monkey Knowledge.

    Increased Suction - Bloonchippers have 10% faster suction speed.

    Polished Steel - Bloonchippers cost 10% less.

    Better Engines - Chugging Chippers, Chipper Spewers, and Mini-Chippers move 10% faster and pop 2 layers every frame when running bloons over.

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